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is a tool for communication due to citizens will interact in the society.   Furthermore, the people should master the
language well. Amberg & Vause (2012)
state that “Language is foremost a means of communication, and communication
almost always takes place within some sort of social context”. It means that
citizen always use language to communicate with the other to get some
information from the society. When the citizens want to get information from
the other, effective communication and state the idea clearly should be
remembered by them. Brown (2001:1 in Ambarawati, 2014) states learning second language are very
complex. The meaning of second language is English. English is very important
to mastered due to most people will do communication by using English. To
achieve a successful communication whether it is in form of written or oral,
the students should know the role of using English.  Therefore, mastering English is important
similar with the four skills namely listening, speaking, reading and writing.
One of the important skills should be mastered by students is writing.

According to Aziz (2011) Indonesia has low percentage for
contribution in writing journal compared with the other south east
counties.  In Indonesia, the students
still have a low motivation in writing. One of the factors is lack of interest
in reading. Due to reading have close relation with writing. According to Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS)
(2006, in Azizi 2011) state 85.9% people spend their leisure time for
watching their favorite channel or 40.3% people often listen to radio rather
than reading newspaper (23.5%).

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Writing is the process of gather the idea through in
written forms until the reader can read it, Sokolik
(2005, in Ambrawati 2014). In addition, Javed, 2013 state writing is the process of communication
through the written form. It refers to writing is  productive skill. Productive skill means the
students create something new. Meanwhile, some students say writing is the
hardest skill in English rather than speaking, listening and reading. It can be
proven with the survey from Goldstein,
2017 states that 40 percent of students failed the writing and reading
test  due to both of those skills have
close relationship. If the students have lack of interest in writing, it may
affect to their writing skill. In addition, they still do not comprehend the
basic information of writing. According
to Li, 2012 further states and emphasize writing is the crucial skill for
the native or non-native students. In addition, Nunan, Brown and Harmer (1995, 2001 and 2007 in Alves, 2008) stated
writing is the complex and crucial activity due to writing has many components
that should be noticed by the learners. The components that make the student
state writing is the crucial skill from the
development of ideas, syntax, grammar, organization, vocabulary, content,
communication skills, use of punctuation. These developments may unfamiliar or
have different concept from their mother tongue.  

learning strategy was used to increase of students’ interest in writing. The
cooperative learning is the learning strategy that gives chance to the
students working with a team or group to solve the problem is given by the
teacher (Kagan, 2009).  It is because
cooperative learning gives equal chance to students to tell or share their idea
orally.  Samuel (2015) states that cooperative learning is strategy use small
groups consist with four until six members in each group which work together to
achieve the goals. One of the techniques for teaching writing is round table
due to it can help the students to improve their writing skill in descriptive
text.  According to Kagan (2009:6.34) round table is
cooperative learning is the learning strategy which the students will show
their contribution in solving and completing the text. The teacher should make
the text with possible answer. In addition, round table is the cooperative
technique which is the students should pass the paper and pencil after they
tell their opinion or answer the question Kagan,1990; Stone, 1990. According to Ornstein and Scarpaci
(2012:305, in Adityawati 2013) state Round table is the informal technique
due to in one groups consist of 4-5 members. Round robin help the low ability
students in developing the paragraph due to they should tell their idea to make
the paragraph completely,

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