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Lady Justice, often depicted with a blindfold and balance scales, is one of America’s most recognizable symbols of American justice. The origin of the images of Lady of Justice traces back all the way to the Egyptian goddess, Maat, who had signified truth and order in the ancient society. Later on, the Greeks worshipped the goddess Themis, of divine law and customs,along with her daughter, Dike, whose name translates to “justice.” Dike was often portrayed holding a pair of balance scales as well and it was believed that she reigned over human law. The ancient Romans had honored Justitia, who most closely resembles the statue of our Lady of Justice. She had signified “the morality of the justice system (Heather & Little: The Meaning Behind the Lady of Justice Statue).”The Lady of Justice statue is often seen holding two specific items: a balancing scale and a sword. The balancing scale that she’s holding represents “the impartiality and obligation of the law to weigh the evidence presented to the court (Heather & Little: The Meaning Behind the Lady of Justice Statue).” The balance scales signifies that both sides of a legal case should be looked at in order for comparisons to factual and to ensure that justice will be completed. The sword that Lady Justice is holding represents “enforcement and respect, and means that justice stands by its decision and ruling, and is able to take action (Heather & Little: The Meaning Behind the Lady of Justice Statue).” The sword, in just about every statue, notably shows the sword unsheathed with both sides of the blade noticeable to the eye. This could represent that both sides of a court can rule against each other, as well as protect or defend one side.Lady Justice is also wearing a blindfold, which could represent the “impartiality,”as mentioned earlier, as well as objectivity (which was explained in Lesson 1.6a of the legal system), and she doesn’t want to let in outside factors such as wealth, power, and politics make the  decisions. The Lady of Justice image relates to the goals of Law and Psychology because law regulates behavior and punishes those who don’t follow these regulations. The psychological part of court is to find the truth of the behaviors. The balance scales could also represent the Law and Psychology goals; considering the fact the scales are equal to each other could signify that both works hand in hand to prove individuals either guilty or innocent. I believe that the Lady of Justice statue could still be, and continue, to be an appropriate representation of the legal system. I support this because each object that she possesses could give many people different explanations and meanings, especially her balance scales that she’s holding. The legal system protects us, as it should, and in return, we support it and bring people the justice they deserve.

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