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Ladies Finger (Okra)Botanical name Abelmoschus Esculantus(malvaceae)Sanskrit Bhenda,bhendatika,gandhamulaBengali Bhindi,Deras,RamturaiOdiya BhendiHindi Bhindi,ramtorai,okraTelegu Bhenda,pendaDescription of the plant:Okra is an annual upright shrub of 1-2m.s high. Leaves large with long petioles. There are five deeply cut two shallow cut lobes. Leaves serrated with bristles, flowers showy, large yellowish. Fruits are long, tapering five or nine ribbed with many rounded white-grey sheets. Fruits’ are with bristles and are mucilaginous.

Okra is native of Africa and later they were grown in other parts of Tropical and sub tropical countries. In India it is a very popular vegetable and is grown in almost all statesMedicinal and other uses:The fruits and roots are used as medicine .The tender young fruits are popular vegetable and are used in form of curry, soup and salad. When ripe they are unfit as vegetable and the seeds are roasted and are used as a substitute for coffee by some natives. The bark is used for fiber extraction.

The plant as a whole is used in paper industries.In Turkey, the leaves are used as poultice to reduce inflammation.The fruit is cooling, tasty, sweet, mucilaginous, stomachiac, aphrodisiac (sex inducing). Raw Okra is used in impotency, sexual fragility and sterility.In some countries the oil of the seeds are used as edible oil.

100 Gms of edible fruit contains following nutritive ingredients:Moisture  89 grProtein 2 gr.Fat 0.2 grFiber 1.

2 grMineral 0.7 grCarbs 6.4 GR.Calcium 66 mgPhosphorus 56 mgMagnisuim 43 mgPotassium 103Sodium 6.9 mgIron 1.5 mgSulphor 30 mgCopper 0.

19 mgOxalic acid 8 mgNicotinic acid 0.6 mgVitamin A 88 IUVitamin B 1 mgVitamin C 13 mgNominal amount of Iodine and vitamin G are also present.Important medicinal uses:Heart Disease- This is how to strengthen your heart muscles naturally:Keep two tender fruits in a glass of water overnight and take it in the morning. Regular intake of the water for about a month will reduce cholesterol and blood sugar.

The high potassium content strengthens the heart muscles.Aphrodisiac:The roots of full grown plant are used to enhance sex power. The root paste or powder is to be taken.

Take roasted seed powder with milk for a month. Take mixture of sprouted wheat, Bengal gram and slices of lady finger along with food to enhance sex power.Gonorrhea:Take 10 Gms of root paste with a glass of water for 21 days.Acidity-This how to cure acidity naturally:Crush a cup of sliced tender fruit with a ripe banana in cup of yogurt and take the mixture.

This is also beneficial in Typhoid fever.Blood leucorrhoea : take the soup of tender Okra for some time. This is also useful in rheumatism.Diabetes: Take raw tender okra regularly to reduce blood sugar this is also useful in controlling heart disease.Bruise and burn; apply the paste of raw fruit on bruise and burn to give comfort. This can also be applied on rough skin.Face pack: rub the fresh cut fruit on face and neck while going to bed. Keep t5he same for half an hour and wash and sleep.

There will be no boils and black spots if you use it regularly.Stings of poisonous insect: rub seed on stone/slab and apply on the affected area.

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