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KoltonMuserelliProfessor B.English 100/100S11/13/17The Abused and Forgotten GenderSexism merely is aprejudice or discrimination supported sex or gender, committed almost explicitlyagainst ladies and women.  The origin ofdiscrimination isn’t clear. However it is believed to have emerged from thesecond wave of feminism of the Sixties and Nineteen Eighties. It had beenconjointly developed on the civil rights movement like racism that could beprejudice or discrimination supported race (Bridges, n.d.).

Genderdiscrimination is often the belief that one sex is superior to or additionallyvaluable than another sex. It creates limitations to what men and boys shouldand should not do and what ladies and women should and should not do. Theconstruct of sexism was initially developed to lift consciousness regarding theoppression of girls and women, though, by the beginning of 21st century, it hadbeen swollen to incorporate the abuse of any sex, as well as men and boys,inter-sexuality, and transgender people (Wasserstrom 1997). My goal is todemonstrate that Sexism is a real problem not just for women and young girlsbut also is a major problem that impacts the lives of men and young boys from avery young age by the way boys are raised, treated and some of the things thatthey must face and suffer through.Picture the followingscene: Recently, there was a report within the local dailies where the reporterclaimed that the restaurant owner had sexually harassed one server.

The localnews conjointly reports that the server was rarely given career chances due togender discrimination. As a result of all this gender discrimination and publicharassment, the server opted for a second job to support a family of 5. Theserver is currently filing charges against the restaurant owner forinappropriate behavior (Bridges, n.d.). Did you picture the server as male or female? Affirmatively, youprobably did imagine the server as a female and anybody reading this, may makethe same image. It has been in the news all over the world that women are thetarget for gender discrimination.

However, from the start of the nineteenthcentury, discussions on the sexism campaign started rising to the generalpublic attention. Molestation of girls isn’t tolerated intoday’s society and that’s how it should be. For example, just like thehighlighted case above, where the waiter is gender discriminated by the femaleowner of the restaurant, most sane, just, and civilized people would view thatsort of behavior as unacceptable, and rightly so.

What happens to the caseswhere men are sexually harassed and denied their career opportunities atnumerous firms and workplaces around the world (Wasserstrom 1997).It is positively clearthat acquisition is the primary reason for several cases of genderdiscrimination of reverse discrimination presently. Notwithstanding theincorrect actions committed against women creates unpleasant reality, severallegal practitioners tend to forget that constant injustices are also equal formen. There are sexism instances of men facing the problems of genderdiscrimination everywhere in the world and nobody talks regarding it. Thesociety must always bear in mind that there are two sides of the story as thereare two sides of the gender discrimination (Drury & Kaiser, 2014). Sexism against mennowadays within the world is not taken seriously. Women will get away withplenty of what guys’ will get caught with these days (Drury & Kaiser,2014). There are many major things that ladies will do, and it’s acceptable ina society that guys can’t do.

It is unfair to treat men otherwise. The approachwe tend to view sexism, is that it only applies to women. By definition sexismis “prejudice ordiscrimination based on sex” (Webster’s Dictionary).

That means thatwomen, by default can’t be the only ones impacted by the patriarchy of oursociety.Weber oral communicationconstant precise issue, punishments would be served. It would be suspension,expulsion, and or they may even be charged with molestation and would become afelon and a convict (Benatar, 2012). We have gone from women being property andnot taken seriously within the universe to overprotecting them and babyingthem.

Their overprotection is not taken seriously once they get away withmolestation crimes. Individuals ought to be treated equally, or they ought tobe ready to depart with constant crimes. It goes below the stereo kind thatguys only measure in manliness and don’t have feelings and the way they’llmerely shake things off with no sense. That’s, however, society’s stereotype ofmen.

Many women in today’ssociety, not all, view men in a negative light. Name’s that are often slungtowards males are as following; jerk, douche, dick, a**hole, etc. How did theycome to this conclusion one may ask? Some argue that is has to do with themedia’s influence. The average women sees a man cheated on his wife on thenews.

That woman then believes that most men are like this and may treat themas such. This is a rather extreme and possibly uncommon example but the pointis there. The point being that the media acts as a filter to determine what themainstream population views and how they view it. As consumers, the informationshown to us enters our subconscious and secretly influences out thoughts andactions.

It’s a pretty common and well-known issue that the media has a largeinfluence on how we see the outside world and how it gets interpreted for us. Aprime example of that is the debacle that google faced when people found outthat the search engine could be potentially racist. If one were to google”three white teenagers,” you would get pictures of teenagers playing and havingfun. If you google “three black teenagers,” it shows more often than not, blackteenagers in mugshot type photos. Google retorted with the defense that “its image search results are areflection of what’s on the Web, including the frequency with which certaintypes of images appear and how they are described” (Guynn, 2016)One other instance inwhich the media and social outlets display men in a negative light would bethat of certain books. These titles include but are not limited to “NoGood Men.” and “Men Who Can’t Love.

” (Farrell 2014). Forinstance, having just read The ColorPurple, every man in that book was portrayed negatively except for thepreacher. The men were seen as abusers, rapists, and violent. After readingthis book people may think that a lot or most men are this way. Now most peopleare not easily influenced by one book but after reading many with the samestance on “evil, authoritative men,” people will begin to think and feel thatway towards the men in their lives with more and more things trying toinfluence their lives and their way of thinking.Other cases in which menexperience sexism and may not even realize it, is the constant pressure theymay feel in today’s society to be the “all in one” so to speak. Men arepressured unendingly to be successful, to do amazing things with their lives,to BE somebody.

Men are often not considered very successful if they don’t meetall or most of the following traits; getting married and subsequently havingchildren, singly handedly providing for their family, high education, and asuccessful and long career. Men who cannot meet that criteria are more oftenthan not seen as partial or even full-blown failures. “Men are no longer worthas much without money and successful careers” (Benatar, 2012).A good example of thepreviously mentioned struggles and stereotypes that men had to face in the pastand still tend to face, are the constant drafts to go to war. Men are the mainforce of those who went off to war during pretty much all of history in everyculture.

Now there are some instances where women were used as snipers forexample in Russia. But outliers aside, men are the grunts that get sent intothe fray. Men are the ones getting told by Uncle Sam: “I want YOU for U.S.Army.” There is an almost unbearable social pressure put upon young men to jointhe military.

Personally, I tried to join the Marines myself, large in part dueto the pressure that was place upon me. My father was in the Air Force and Iwanted him to be proud of me so I attempted to get in the Marines.Unfortunately, I couldn’t join due to health reasons but I still went for it. Ifelt like it was my civic duty to help defend our nation from anything that maytry to harm our great nation.Moving on to women andcareers, it is somewhat acceptable in our society for young women to marry a richand wealthy man and never have to work. However, it is seen as strange or evensocially wrong for a man to “marry rich”. It is just not a common theme in oursociety so like anything out of the norm, it is frowned upon.

That man would beaccused of marrying her for her money, while often times that slander is notthrown towards the women who often do the same thing which may be becausethat’s just the way it has been in our society so that is what we are used to;we no longer make a big deal out of it. Wealthy men have always been thestandard in society. Typically, anybody who was anybody in the history of theU.

S., could be pretty accurately described in two words that start with W;Wealthy and White. “Occupational achievement, measured by using jobreputation or monetary success, has become the yardstick of modern-daymasculinity for middle-aged or upper-class America” (Benatar, 2012). Menin today’s society must be able to bring home the bacon so to speak, be thehead of their house-hold, and protect their family. The standard for “a realman” has been raised even higher than previous years.”Real men” is an abstractconcept developed by society to label and categorize men into fitting astereotype that more often than not, men sometimes may fit. As the head of thehouse-hold, men have to be a caretaker for their family.

They have to be harshand dole out punishments yet still be gentle and sensitive enough to care abouttheir children’s feelings. Not to mention, in today’s society, both men andwomen suffer from the grievance of having to keep themselves prim and properand keep up their good looks.  Continuing that thought,both young men and young women are taught at a semi-early age that looks oftenhave a lot to do with the pecking order along with success. Women are taught towear makeup to look pretty for all the guys, whereas guys are told to bulk upwith muscles to look attractive for the girls. One can guess by these twocomparisons that it is easier for a woman to become “attractive for theopposite sex” by putting on makeup. For guys, the pressure to gain muscles andbulk up is a lot easier said than done.

Many males just simply don’t possessthe metabolism nor the body style to be able to bulk up and keep it up.Now both Men and Womenface discrimination; of that there is no doubt. Throughout history, just asimple glance through any relevant history textbook will reveal that women havebeen treated incredibly poorly throughout history. But in recent years, manywill find that the patriarchy that first started the oppression against women,is now oppressing the men as well. What was once a “woman’s problem” has nowreared its ugly head and turned itself into a “man’s problem as well. Butwhat’s wrong with society today is that a lot of people’s thoughts on thissituation is where the blame lies for their own gender’s mistreatment. If weare going to work together to eliminate discrimination, we have to focus on asolution, not point fingers.

There is certainly no problem working towards thebetterment of treatment in every category. But we mustn’t forget the men whooften face similar problems. For example, at many workplaces, women lobby forbetter maternity leave benefits. That is all fine and dandy, but we as asociety can’t forget that men typically want to spend time with their newbornchild as well. Thus, we should be lobbying for better paternity leave benefitsas well. Not to mention fathers in custody cases rarely ever win their battlefor their child.

A report from the United States Census Bureau by Timothy Grallstates that only one in every six custodial parents were fathers. Now what theidea of feminism is doing for women is great, equal treatment for equal work,but we shouldn’t just give one hundred percent of society’s attention to oneissue. As a society we must not forget about the other side of the story and forgetabout the guys. Similarly, Robert Moore, who is a psychoanalyst at the C.G JungInstitute at Chicago, states “that it is funny to conclude that “theempowerment of women means the disempowerment of men.

Men and women obtainequal treatment, and the only way that it will happen is if our societyrealizes that there is no such issue as the ‘better sex.'” Both men andwomen need to come together to work together to end sexism.David Benatar does bringup valid points that each gender has things to complain about. Regardingearlier mention points, girls of yesterday’s society were told to be just “goodlittle housewives” and do all the cooking and cleaning for the house while thehusband goes out to work. The men of yesterday’s society were taught to be thebreadwinners, the main meat in the military, and the man of the house. Nowadaysthe definition of men and women’s roles in our current society have changed forthe better. Women are encouraged to get careers and support themselves insteadof relying on a man.

Men’s social roles haven’t really changed all that muchthough. In that sense, we have to remember that we as a whole, should beworking towards a common solution to end sexism as previously mentioned.As mentioned earlier,Sexism is the discrimination against someone based on their gender, be thatthey may be male or female. The goal of this paper was to demonstrate that women,while previously being the main target of oppression, oppression now encompassesmore than just women. Men are now in the crosshairs of the patriarchal oppressorsof our society.

Men too, face many challenges that are often not considered or evenmore so, simply glossed over. Men are often told to just suck it up and deal withit when facing the same problem as a woman, while women are helped out and caredfor. As a community, we need to work together to end sexism on both fronts, notjust sexism against women, but that of men as well.             Annotated BibliographyBell, A. N.

,& Goff, P. A. (n.d.). The essence of men is.

..sexist?: Perceivingbiological bases of sexism in males inhibits confronting sexism. PsycEXTRADataset. doi:10.1037/e578192014-071            The authors here debate anddemonstrate via this piece that men are often the cause of sexism at its corein regards to sexism towards their own gender. Essentially it’s brought aboutvia themselves.Benatar, D.

(2012). The Second Sexism. doi:10.1002/9781118192337            Here Benatar denotes and talksthrough with his audience how sexism doesn’t impact just women, but rather itaffects men and boys at a very young age.

Sexism shapes and mold young menthrough the things they are told and the actions they do and how they aretreated.FromDisadvantage to Wrongful Discrimination. (2012). The Second Sexism,101-172. doi:10.1002/9781118192337.

ch4 (Continuedfrom Benatar, D.)Bridges, T. S.(n.d.

). National Organization for Men Against Sexism. Encyclopedia of Genderand Society. doi:10.4135/9781412964517.n302            NOMAS is all about helping andshedding light on those who are affected by Sexism, typically men.”The National Organization for Men Against Sexism is an activist organizationof men and women supporting positive changes for men.

NOMAS advocates aperspective that is pro-feminist, gay affirmative, anti-racist, dedicated toenhancing men’s lives, and committed to justice on a broad range of socialissues including class, age, religion, and physical abilities.”Pinfold, M. J.(n.

d.). Reverse Sexism. American Masculinities: A Historical Encyclopedia.

doi:10.4135/9781412956369.n201This seminal book opened new vistas forexploration and research into American History, society, and culture.

Displayingthe story of American history, American Masculinities illustrates how American politicalleaders have often used the rhetoric of manliness to underscore the alwaysassumed moral righteousness and protective purposes of their policies. SeeingU.S.

history in terms of gender archetypes, those who read this encyclopedia willgain a richer and deeper understanding of America’s democratic politicalsystem, domestic and foreign policies, and capitalist economic Definition of Sexism^ Literally just the definition of Sexism.Grall,Timothy (2016).

Custodial Mothers andFathers and Their Child Support: 2013            Thisreport on custodial households showcases how child support is given, who is theprimary custodial parent in most situations, how much the parents make onaverage and lots of other useful information regarding this topic.

This censuswas taken during 2010-2012 but was published in 2013.Guynn, Jessica (2016). ‘Three blackteenagers’ Google search sparks outrage            https://www.usatoday.

com/story/tech/news/2016/06/09/google-image-search-three-black-teenagers-three-white-teenagers/85648838/            This article is about thescandal that google faced during 2016 regarding a twitter post showcasing how Google’ssearch results were racist. Google then apologized for it’s search engine’s mistakesand commentated saying that the results were based off algorithms and the resultsthat people using the search engine wanted to see.

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