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Keywords to target:-ecommerce store builderecommerce website builderonline store builder5 Reasons To Choose Online Store Over MarketplaceThe Internet has exploded, spreading its reach further than ever before. As more and more consumers embrace the virtual world as a safe and convenient place to shop – either on computers or using their smartphones – one thing is for certain, e-commerce is here to stay.With this booming business, there were bound to be multifarious innovations as well. The E-commerce domain certainly has seen some great innovations. If you are a business owner then selling your products online has never been easier. There are innumerable resources in all price ranges that can serve the purpose of your e-commerce website builder. What’s more, many established online marketplaces are also allowing you to list and sell your products online on their own portals. So you have two choices, you can either choose to build your own online store or list your products and services on someone else’s. I believe the better choice among these two is to opt to build your own online store. Allow me to elaborate on this line of thought.5 Reasons to choose an online store over the marketplace.1. Marketplaces Require FeesSetting up shop in a marketplace comes with a price. Most marketplace fees are deducted from your revenue as a percentage of each sale. These fees may vary from marketplace to marketplace and can amount to as much as 25% of a sale. That is one-fourth of all your profits that belong to the marketplace and none of the losses. It is true that creating your own ecommerce website shall also pertain some cost but you will not have to share your winnings and more importantly nor will you have to answer to anyone. After all wasn’t that the whole point to starting your business, to be your own boss.2. You are Invisible In The CrowdThough your product may be unique, there will almost certainly be plenty of similar offerings out there competing for your customers’ and potential customers’ attention. In a crammed marketplace, it is not necessarily that your product stands out and even if it does there still remains the chance that it might not come to the attention of customers What’s more, your competitors may target shoppers who already visit your listings and place advertisements for their products on your pages. Depending on the intensity of competition in your product category, you may not get the exposure or easy sale that you’re hoping to achieve. Not only will this hinder the development of your brand and might even reduce your revenue.3. Your Branding Lies In Your Hands If you choose to build your own ecommerce website, you have total control over what it looks like, what it says, and how it works. It doesn’t have to be generic or boring. It gives you leeway to show the world your brand’s personality. If you choose to list your brand on a marketplace there will always be a few restrictions, cookie-cutter guidelines, and character limits to list a few. If you want to create the shopping experience that you want for your customers it is better to build your own online store. Many e-commerce platforms offer flexibility over design, pre-built templates to choose from, and integrations with other systems. Although if you still want a unique experience for your customers there are platforms like BuildaBazaar that not only offer you pre-designed templates but can also create a unique look if you demand.4. No Customer AcquisitionSince marketplaces serve as a third-party, they don’t let sellers communicate with buyers outside of the site (unless of course, the customer has some issue with the product or service, then it’s all on your head). This means you cannot send your customers future promotions, new product announcements, or simply remind them that your product exists to drive future sales. In reality believe me it’s much easier (and less expensive) to retain an existing customer than it is to get a new one. In marketplace structure, without building a customer list, you are relying on new sales only; You can’t take advantage of past purchasers. However, if you possess your own online store all that information is yours for the taking. You can create offers, spread your brand across social media (not including the customer information of course), choose to reward loyal customers and most importantly generate analytics to create a better vision for the future.5. Promotions and Offers For Your CustomersSelling your products on a marketplace means you can not choose to provide offers or enable promotion as per your wishes. You will, however, have to have play by their rules and engage in promotions and offers that help better the store owner’s brand. By choosing to build your own online store you can take control of the promotions of your products. Promotions give you some versatility furthermore in that there are many different ways that you can use them to your advantage. Promotions and more importantly offers can be used to boost sales, build your customer base, and clear out excess inventory. Promotions are an excellent way to increase sale conversions and build brand loyalty.There are very few select platforms like BuildaBazaar that offer you the facility to build your own online store and also list your products on many established marketplaces. There are also many more advantages of choosing BuildaBazaar as your platform that you shall not find elsewhere. To name a few features: you get  Custom URL options, easy delivery and transportation through ShipDroid, multi-currency conversions and international shipping if you wish to go global, social media plugins for marketing and advertising, widgets to help you with every intricate detail of your store and above everything else, round the clock support from technicians for any query or request you may have.The best place to sell online will differ from retailer to retailer depending on their products, needs, and goals. Each individual marketplace and e-commerce platform has its own unique differentiators and drawbacks. There are also monetary costs associated with both. Marketplaces can charge a wide range of fees such as listing your products and taking a percentage of each sale. To achieve customer reach and brand recognition, many online merchants sell on both marketplaces and on their own website. So if you wish to make sure that your brand surpasses all others and becomes a global phenomenon instead of merely serving the purpose of monetary value you should come to the decision of creating your own online store, one that shall carry your vision into the future.

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