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Category: Dinner

Prep. Time: 15

Cook Time: 2 &
¼ Hours

Total Time: 2 Hr
20 Minutes

Serves: 10


Dinner Recipe with Salt Roasted Prime Ribs of Beef

The dinner recipe with salt roasted prime ribs of
beef, which is perfectly a medium-rare rib brown crust outside. You’ll get the
best result while taking smaller prime ribs around 4 to 8 pounds. If you use
bone-in prime rib, figure 2 serving per rib while a boneless one will serve 2
per pound. You’ll notice that there’s no resting time in the recipe, because it
can make a surprise if use resting. Also, you don’t essentially need a meat
thermometer with this technique, so that you’re paranoid to use certainly one
anyway. It’s as easy
recipe as simply to prepare.



salt – 1 box around 3 pounds, or about 6 cups, divided
beef rib roast – 1 equivalent to 6 to 8 pounds
sauce – 3 tablespoons
black pepper – 2 tablespoons
powder – 2 teaspoons
– 1/2 cup



1.      Preheat
your oven to 450°F. Use heavy-duty foil while lining a shallow roasting pan.
Put 3 cups salt on foil so that make evenly to form a layer of ½ inches.

2.      Use
Worcestershire sauce while brushing your roast and sprinkle with garlic and
pepper powder.

3.      Place
your roast on salt’s layer so that remains the fat side up.

4.      Mix
water with remaining salt in a small bowl that makes the mixture moist to pack.

5.      Now,
start the base of the roast and press salt mixture onto the sides along with
top of roast.

6.      Roast
it for 15 minutes. Reduce temp to 325°F, so that you can roast 2 to 2 and 1/4
hours or until a thermometer reaches 130° for medium-rare. Allow them to stand
for 20 minutes.

7.      Discard
salt crust while removing. Use remaining salt to brush and cut your roast into
slices so that you can serve them easily.  


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