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Kevin VuPeriod 3Catcher in the rye”Never tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.” P. 214Having a set routine is comforting. I wake in the morning, I know what I need to do. I get out of bed and I eat breakfast and go to school. I then get a ride to swim practice and that is my routine everyday. Once repetition kicks in I know what to expect always so I’m always prepared. But you put me in a new setting, things will be different and I’ll be more vulnerable. Once you tell anyone a piece of your life, you have let them into your life. That point where you share with them how you feel, you depend on them to unleash your suppressed anger and stress out. Once they are not there anymore, you will start to miss them. Holden in the “Catcher in the Rye” closes himself from the outside world. He lives following a philosophy that you won’t miss anyone if you don’t share anything with them.This quote, I feel is how Holden acts through out this story. He is more of a reserved person. He criticizes and philosophizes about people who are boring, people who are insecure, and, people who are “phony.” Once his brother Allie died from leukemia, Holden just lost his clear mental state. This shows that he truly does care deeply for people. But after Allie died, Holden just wants to be by himself. When Holden began feeling like “he’d just go down, down, down, and nobody’d ever see him again” (pg 197) he called out to his brother to save him. He calls everyone phonies, but I feel this is his way of feeling better about himself. It’s like making fun of people so if they don’t invite you to something you have an excuse. Holden is a virgin, but he is very interested in sex, and, in fact, he spends most of his time trying to lose his virginity. He feels strongly that sex should happen between people who care deeply about and respect one another, and he gets upset by the realization that sex can be casual. Holden is scared to move up in life. Holden is being pressured to embrace the life of an adult man. It’s his only option to move up in life and to be referred to as a man instead of a boy. Holden is so obsessed with guarding his innocence that he’s willing to always be a boy because men in his eyes are phonies. He wants to hold on to his innocence as long as he can as he sees the flaws in the adult world since he grows up. He is scared to face it and wants to helps kids hold onto their innocence as well. This is Holden’s way of not missing anything if you don’t share philosophy. In present day, society still puts that sort of pressure on today’s youth. Holden not only wants to preserve his own innocence by not growing up, but also the innocence of the rest of the world. He tells his sister Phoebe that he wants to be the catcher in the rye. He told her that he pictures thousands of little kids running around in a field of rye while he waits at the edge of a cliff, so he can catch them before they run and fall off. Every adolescent at some point is pushed into a big world of unknowns; they are undressed from their innocence and bathed in the phoniness it takes to survive the adult world. This phoniness as he calls it is the him growing up. Holden tries to hang on tight to his childhood to prevent it from being taken away. To Holden the edge of the cliff is the thin line between innocence and adulthood, which is exactly the line he borders on in life. Holden has to grab children before they fall of the cliff and their innocence dies. Being the catcher in the rye comforts Holden because he will be guarding his own innocence at the same time, by always being able to stay on innocence’s side- where everything would always be the same. So throughout this book, as we see Holden go through his ups and downs in his world. He makes mistakes at practically every turn he goes through. Seeing him do this we can learn from his experiences and prevent us from doing the same. Everybody has to go through a phase in their lives especially as teens where they feel as if they want to close themselves from the real world. Everyone has lost someone or something they truly love. So this is why I truly really enjoyed this book as when I was reading about Holden, I saw myself. In the end it is having these wonderful relationships that we have with people and how they can help us go through each chapter in our lives.Sources:Salinger, J. D. The Catcher in the Rye. Sterling Pub Co Inc, 2014

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