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Keke KormanikMr. ForgeyEnglish IIIA08 January 2018Exotic Pets In The U.S.Although the majority of the population of this earth truly adore their pets, both domestic and exotic, people must be cognizant of the grave health risks and dangers both the exotic animals and humans involved. Buying and trading eccentric animals. Animals started to come popular in the twenty-first century. More and new diseases continue to arise in the United States because of the effect of the animal buying and trading. To effect prohibit these foreign animals coming into the country officials have put out many federal, state, city, and county laws. People need to become aware of the multiple effects exotic animals bring to their homes and communities.Exotic animals can cause serious health risk to people as well as to other pets that might live in the home of the owner. Exotic animals carry many zoonotic diseases. Zoonotic diseases remains known as a diseases spread between animals and people. Viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi cause zoonotic diseases. Zoonotic diseases that can pass onto humans include Herpes B, Monkey Pox, Salmonellosis, Ebola, Brucellosis, and Ringworm (Get The Facts: The Dangers of Keeping Exotic Pets). Domestic pets can catch Rabies and parasites from these foreign animals (Keeping Wild Animals – Unsafe, Illegal, and Inhumane). These rare outbreaks have increased over the years because the trading of exotic animals has increased (Henn). The animals cause a safety risk to their owners and anybody in the community. Across the country, many cases have occured where exotic animals kept in private homes attacked humans and other animals. Exotic animals escape from their homes and freely roam the community, and their owner will not even report it because they do not want their animal taken away, so by not reporting it they put everybody else in danger. Some owners will just release their exotic pets in the “wild”, which usually includes their neighborhood or city because they can no longer take care of it or realize how much responsibility they took on (Henn). The animals can also suffer due to poor care, when is the homes of certain people (Get the Facts: The Dangers of Keeping Exotic Pets). When irresponsible owners release the animals most of them die, either because they starve to death, or they cannot survive in the new conditions (Henn). The animal trade and buying industry causes safety risk animals as well. Sold in stores, at auctions, and most popularly on the Internet, the animals the biggest risk continues as the Internet. Exotic animals face cruel conditions of  transport when people take them from their homes and used for pet trade. Many of these foreign animals do not survive the trip from their homes and the ones that do survive often end up in captivity and die early from malnutrition, unnatural environment, loneliness, and stress of confinement (Exotic Animals as Pets). People just do not realize the specific care that goes into taking care of these animals.Exotic animals need certain care, housing, diet, and maintenance that average americans cannot provide (Get The Facts: The Dangers of Keeping Exotic Pets). When having an exotic animal you have to meet its physical needs as well as its psychological needs (Wild Animals Do Not Make Good Pets). As a result of people unable to provide the right care animals suffer from malnutrition or live inhumane conditions (McGraw). Exotic pets develop illnesses and diseases from not properly fed the right diets and when their needs cannot  meet their standards. Once the animals reach a certain point in their maturity, owners place them in a small outdoor or indoor area, where they come frustrated because they cannot interact with other people or animals (Henn). Exotic animals do not adjust well to a captive environment (Get The Facts: The Dangers of Keeping Exotic Pets). People also often try to rehabilitate a sick, injured, or orphaned animal, but without the proper training, they may mess up the chance of the animal going back to the wild (Keeping Wild Animals – Unsafe, Illegal, and Inhumane).People having exotic animals must follow all federal, state, city and county laws. Federal laws include the Endangered Species Act, Public Health Service Act, and Lacey Act. The Endangered Species Act makes it illegal to have, sell, or buy an endangered animal. The Public Health Service Act does not allow the import of exotic animals into the United States. The U.S. government has the right to prosecute people in the ownership of an animal that remain illegally kept in a country or state due to the Lacey Act. The state government has the right to regulate  exotic animals privately held (Get The Facts: The Dangers of Keeping Exotic Pets). Local places usually stop residents from keeping wild animals, this is under state and county laws. In most areas it remains illegal to exotic animals in a house or on a farm (McGraw). Counties and cities have come more strict than states laws, meaning they regulate and ban private ownership. People often avoid laws and bans by becoming licensed breeders or exhibitors. They also have their property rezoned. People even move out of the city limits or to a new state (Get The Facts: The Dangers of Keeping Exotic Pets). People go through many extents just to keep their exotic pets. In conclusion, having ownership of an exotic animal causes many safety and health risks to both humans and animals. The foreign animals can give diseases to their owners and other pets. Also these animals cause a public safety risk to the community. The exotic animals are at risk themselves if their owners cannot provide the right materials or have the right abilities to take care of them. Although many laws can prevent all these things from happening people still find ways to avoid these laws or just do not follow them at all, knowing of all the effects that can happen from keeping an exotic animal. Therefore, exotic animals should not be kept as pets.

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