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is a fermented milk that has flavor, color, and consistency that similar with
yoghurt and has a typical smell like tape. The difference between them are  the type of microorganisms that used to help
the fermentation process, yoghurt only use one type of microorganism that is
bacteria while kefir uses  2 types of
microorganisms they are bacteria and yeasts. This yeast makes the smell of  kefir similar to the smell of tape so kefir contains
a little alcohol. Kefir obtained  from
the fermentation process of pasteurized milk using a
starter of kefir grains or kefir granule. Kefir also called a super
yoghurt, because kefir contains about 60 types of beneficial microbes that has
many benefits such as maintain body
health, skin health, and can prevent dangerous disease.

of the benefits from the kefir is maintain body health because kefir contain
many nutrition that good for our bodies like vitamin D, vitamin K, calcium, protein, phosphorus,
vitamin B, and magnesium. kefir also contains many healthy bacteria that have many
benefits like digestive health, break down fatty deposits and
cholesterol in the body and help improve 
functions, including kidney and brain performance.
calcium in kefir is supplemented with vitamin K2, vitamin
B9 and vitamin D which can prevent osteoporosis and help maintain density or
bone density. Beside of that, kefir can also help improve immune function.

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The use of kefir can also provide benefit on skin health
by  utilizing
kefir as a mask.  Kefir is a natural antioxidant , it keeps the
skin youthful and glowing. It also prevent acne, psoriasis, wrinkles, and  also can help the aging  process to slow down by neutralizing the free
radicals. Kefir also contain skin nutrition like vitamin c , vitamin e and the

also can prevent dangerous disease like cancer, tumor, bronchitis, asthma,
coronary heart disease,
and the other dangerous disease. kefir can inhibit the
growth of cancerous cells and can prevent certain type of cancers like colon
cancer, breast cancer etc, and reduce the size of the tumor because kefir
extracts have components that specifically target and stop the growth of human
cancer. kefir Having
benefits can help the thickening of the heart wall, then kefir can also be
useful to prevent coronary heart disease.

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