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Keep Your Kids’ Comfortable

Keep your baby comfortable by having the fine quality baby crib comforter from the house of Utopia. The comfortable comforter provides your kids’ with a heavenly sleep. The comforter is softer and fluffier. It is designed to provide support to the most children’s head and neck by providing with the maximum comfort they needed. The most, necessary essential of baby’s nursery is the crib comforter. Get yours now!

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Playful Crib Comforter

Create the dream nursery for your baby by having the perfect crib comforter. The comforter is designed to keep your baby toasty warm with a sense of security all night. Whether you are looking the ideal crib comforter for your friend or wanted for your baby, the high-quality crib comforter is the right choice! It is highly recommended for children under 12 months and older.


High Quality Plush Siliconized Fiberfill

The classic crib comforter is high in quality which is exceptionally soft with siliconized fiberfill. The fiberfill provides a superior comfort and cozy feel for your young ones. Whether you want to create a simple or a modern theme for your baby room, the perfect crib comforter is the best choice. The classic crib comforter features 250 GSM filling with an 85 GSM polyester shell not only gives it a great look but makes it durable.


Hypoallergenic materials

Enjoy the soft feel of the comforter which is unique and adorable. It is an excellent essential for kids’ and will keep them engaged. The hypo-allergenic material designed to reduce the allergenic response. The comforter will keep your baby warm, relaxed and comfortable. The comforter is light in nature that makes it easy to store and carry around, making it a perfect choice for traveling.


Machine Wash

It is recommended to be washed separately or in Machine using delicate cycles with cold water.   And tumble dry on low.


Care Instructions

•    Don’t use bleach or whiteners.

•    Wash the comforter separately from other laundry.

•    Don’t use any fabric softener.

•    To naturally freshen, hang the comforter in the sunlight for 

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