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 Karl Marx was as known as a great German thinker,
statesman, philosopher, economist, revolutionist and sociologist. The author of
“why Marx is right”(by Terry Eagleton) said that   “Marx always looked at most of human
history in a gloomy light, because history is but one kind of oppression and
exploitation instead of another oppression and exploitation… (Marx is such a
pessimistic thinker) to show us the cruelty of reality and to inspire us to
change. They urged us to abandon all illusions.”

  In October 1830, Marx entered trier middle
school. After graduating from high school, he went to the university of Bonn
and transferred to the university of Berlin to study law at the age of 18, but
most of his focus was on philosophy and history. In 1840, the new king of
Prussia, Frederick William iv, acceded to the throne, the persecution of the
liberal Democrats, all publications must be through the strict examination, the
university academic freedom, appoint new king, a professor at the university of
Berlin on Schelling will review of Marx’s doctoral thesis, but Marx’s
philosophy in the doctoral dissertation above theological position can’t be
accepted by the Hegel’s professor, so Marx will be sent to  university of Jena doctoral dissertation to
review the qualification. In 1841, Marx to paper the natural philosophy of
Democritus and Epicurus, the difference of natural philosophy “to apply
for degree, and get commission for consensus, not further reply and
successfully obtained university of Jena. After graduation, he worked as the
editor of the Rhine newspaper and met the famous “forest theft
problem” in the history of Marx’s thought.

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   Karl Marx doctrine of the dictatorship of
the proletariat is the essence of marxism. They also point out that the
proletariat must through violent revolution, crush the dictatorship of the
bourgeoisie, to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat, and during the
transition to communism society the whole historical period to consolidate and
strengthen the dictatorship of the proletariat. In order to establish and
consolidate the dictatorship of the proletariat, we must have the leadership of
the communist party. Marxism has been developed and grown in the reactionary
thoughts of various bourgeois and petty bourgeoisie, the various opportunism
and revisionism in the movement of international workers. During the first
international period, Marx and Engels fought with the principle of uncompromising
principles, such as the proudun, the bakunin, the unionist and the lasalle.
Through these struggles, marxism established a dominant position in the
international Labour movement. In addition, contemporary western marxism has
also made a scientific and humanistic interpretation of its philosophy. Since
Marx’s theory covers a wide range of fields, sociology, political science and
other disciplines have been interpreted in their own fields, so they can also
examine their contents according to the division of labor. The word
“marxism” as the floorboard of the theory of Marx and Engels founded
in Marx has emerged, while they are alive at the end of the 1870 s the French
socialist writings was used widely, but the content is distorted, Marx sharp
critiques. Engels began to use the term “marxism” in the early 1980s,
and in 1886 he made a special note.

  As the 19th century western ideology and culture, one
of the great achievements of marxism, this has become a worldwide socialist
countries practice action of great ideological system, Marx and Engels created
by the germans, and German, English, French and other languages. Since the
birth of marxist theory in the 1840s, not only have many followers, but also
various kinds of marxists. However, within half a century after the birth of
the marxists, this kind of pursuit only took place in Western Europe, Russia
and North America, which seemed irrelevant to China in the east. Because of the
geographical barrier, information communication channel is not smooth; On the
other hand, due to the language barrier, belongs to the indo-european Germany,
Britain, France and other language and belongs to the sino-tibetan language of
Chinese text is completely different, and their respective language symbols and
expression form, the illustration of the inclusion in the respective language
meaning to achieve mutual exchanges and mutual penetration, needs to be
carefully and understanding of translation.

    First of all, the process of history has already
affirmed Marx’s influence, and marxism has set off a revolutionary trend
sweeping the world. China is also influenced by marxism, say if not Marx’s
marxism, the process of China is probably evening a few hundred years, China
will not become a socialist country.

Secondly, in
what ways does marxism affect China?the rise
of marxism, China is in the qing period, continuous attenuation of strength,
powers of the invasion, all of these phenomena, all existing feudal ideology is
no longer applicable to the development of China, China urgently needs to
change, marxism become a Chinese change a guiding reference file.Marxism
influenced Chinese leaders, among which the most influential were Sun Yat-Sen and MAO ZeDong. It was these two leaders who brought China from
the feudal society to the capitalist society, and again to the socialist
society, which served as a spiritual guide in the Chinese revolution.

   To sum up, Marxism has been developed for a
long time through the history.For here,China is an amplifying example of how
does Karl Marx and his theory influenced even changed the world. Israeli President Shimon Peres when it comes to the birth of marxism once said: “in the leaders
of the communist party, there are many of the jews, including Karl Marx
himself, Trotsky, Gino’s,Encryption.They believe that the jews suffer because
the world is divided, the world is divided in crisis, and because of different
countries, different religious divisions. So we need to create a new world.”
Just as this saying,in the 21st century today, there are still many countries
besides China, the political parties take marxism as its country or party
ideology,such as Cuba, communist party of Nepal, Cyprus labor people’s
progressive party, the French communist party, the communist party of Spain,
Portugal and Greece, and so on.

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