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delinquency is the characteristic committing of criminal acts or violations by
a teenager, especially one below the age at which ordinary criminal action is
possible.Today, our society has been shocked by various criminal
cases involving students and adolescents. The crime has shown the seriousness
of the crime scene among students and adolescents. More and more these criminal
cases are increasingly widespread. This is a shame because our country is now a
developing country. The question is, what are the causes that criminalize the
criminal activity among students and adolescents and whether this problem can
be solved? Prevention and action of juvenile crime
is a subject that must be addressed by the general public today. Therefore,all
parties should have their respective roles to ensure that minors are not
involved with juveniles. In my opinion,to
prevent this thing parents should have to educate their children perfectly,
society should prevent teenagers from doing negative things, schools should
apply pure values ??in every student.


First and
foremost, parents need to do their
responsibilities to educate children at home. This is because parents are the
closest people to teenagers and have a long time with them at home. Parents need to apply good ethics ??to their children so
they become useful teens without engaging in crime. For example, parents need to show a
good manners to their children by not engaging with negative symptoms. Besides that,they can educate their children with beneficial things
such as practicing a healthy way of life as involved in sports activities
either inside or outside the home. This is because, adolescents can indirectly avoid
themselves from things that are not beneficial and able to maintain their body
as well as able to emulate the mind. Furthermore, parents can fill their
leisure time with their children like taking a vacation or visiting interesting
places. Indirectly,
this step can prevent teenagers from engaging in unpleasant activities during
school holidays. It is clear that parents are important characters to
ensure that adolescents today are not involved in juvenile activities.

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Besides that, the surrounding community
also plays an important role in ensuring that underage teens are not involved
with negative activities such as vandalism, illegal racing and others. The community needs to be aware of the
surrounding environment and admonish the teenager who is doing the damage or
doing the crime nearby. With this step the crime frequency committed by teenagers
can be reduced. The local community also needs to set up specific
campaigns that can provide exposure to adolescents about avoiding engaging with
crimes such as drug-free campaign or non-smoking campaign. Therefore, teens are able to get a
little bit of knowledge about the dangers of drugs and crime. Furthermore ,society
needs to be concerned about adolescents who have done wrong by giving them some
advice and motivation and not letting them do the same thing over and over. So
that,teenagers do not commit crimes or juveniles because they are aware of the
disadvantages of that activities.


Finally, the school also plays an
important role in safeguarding the teenagers from being involved with juvenile
delinquency. This is because,school is like the second home for students
because there are a lot of time spent by students in school. At school, teachers are the most
important people to ensure students are not trapped by immoral activities.Teachers
need to educate teens into useful people by applying values ??to each student
and pointing out good examples to them. In addition, teachers need to expose students to the bad
effects of criminal or juvenile activities. The school also needs to increase spiritual activities to
students so that they can evaluate a negative thing in line with their
respective religious claims. This step can also create awareness among students as well as improve the
person’s level of thinking to judge the bad things. Next,school management
should also take decisive action against criminals or juvenile students who are
warned by punishing them in public to warn other students. These steps are not meant to be
embarrassing otherwise to warn them of the mistakes they have committed.
Therefore, it is clear
that school management plays an important role to safeguard the
teenagers from being involved with juvenile delinquency.


a nutshell, all parties need to play their part to curb and prevent juvenile from
falling into juvenile crime. The
society and community should also change their view and attitude towards misbehavior
in general. They should not hate or doubt the delinquents. The delinquents must
be allocated with sympathy, empathetic and good manners. They
should not be hurt passionately. The public as a whole should give up its
distress and aggression towards the criminals and anti-socials. It should
develop a flexible insolence so that proper investigation of the causes of
crime is made and suitable steps are taken both with respect to the prevention
and management of delinquency.

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