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Trudeau has made a positive effect on Canada’s social development, and he is
making Canada a better country. Firstly because of his leadership and the way
he communicates with other people. Secondly, he is welcoming refugees to Canada
while other countries are afraid to bring them in. Lastly, Justin Trudeau wants
all Canadian citizens and everyone around the world to help assure better
economic results for the first nations.


            Justin Trudeau’s campaigning and
governing in Canada is marked by an incredible undoubted tone. Trudeau demonstrates
different leadership styles for a briskly developing world in many ways.
Trudeau has proven himself a
willing to interact with people who disagree with him and consider their views Trudeau
has made a special effort to absorb his own connections into his initiative. Justin
Trudeau can react and motivate others in a positive way. It is not just the
people he works with, but it is also the Canadians and other leaders around the
world. He is gentle on both, personal level and his leadership in Canada.
Trudeau lost his brother Michael due to an avalanche accident in 1998 and he
also lost his dad Pierre James Trudeau from prostate cancer, both losses played
a big role on returning Trudeau to the public eye.

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            Canada is a great country for
welcoming refugees, and Justin Trudeau has made it even better. When most of
Europe and the United States were afraid to bring them in and even closed their
boarders, Trudeau did not only welcome them, but he also went to the airport to
welcome and meet the first Syrian refugees that arrived at Canada. During the
election campaign, the liberal party made a promise that they would take 25,000
refugees in one year. After Trudeau became the prime minister, the last and the
25,000th refugee arrived at Montreal, and Trudeau accomplished his
goal 2 days earlier than the due date. Canada was the second highest country
for the refugee resettlement in 2016 with over 46,000 refugees entering Canada,
the united states is currently the highest in the world with 85,000 refugees
entered the country in 2016. The last record was in 1980. Canada welcomed
40,271 refugees. The top 3 origin countries of refugees admitted to Canada in
2016 were, Syria with 33,266 refugees, Eritrea with 3,934 refugees, and finally
Iraq with 1,650 refugees who have entered Canada. Canada would like to expansion
worldwide refugee migration and support ?civil society and other lawful energy
to amplify resettlement alongside building up different answers for the world’s
most vulnerable. The sense of duty regarding resettling of the Syrian outcasts
in Canada will proceed.


Justin Trudeau delivered a tearful message apologizing to
hundreds of former students and their families. Justin Trudeau will work with first nations to ensure
that each first nation kid gets a good education. It is significant to
Canadians shared achievement that we cooperate to guarantee better financial
outcomes for first nations Trudeau will closing the financial support gap and improve results for
first nations students by devoting new core financing every year in funding for
kindergarten through tier 12. This includes money devoted by Stephen harper
that has yet to move, plus an increased $300 million per year in additional
funding, this amount $750 million per year by the goal of the first mandate.
Justin Trudeau will invest an added $500 million in the next three years for
building and fixing up first nation schools. He will also invest an extra $50
million for the funding to the post-secondary student support program, this
helps the first nation students who are attending post-secondary education,
making sure that this program will hold on with the growing demand.


In conclusion, Justin Trudeau has demonstrated a high
knowledge of understanding Canada’s society, he has accomplished some of the
promises he made in his campaign and still has more things to carry out as the
leader of Canada. He is one of the greatest leaders Canada has ever had, because
he is always positive with others, and he tries his best to make Canada a
better country for people to live in. He has accomplished many things, one of
the greatest things he has accomplished is bringing all the refugees and
changing their lives in Canada. His apology to the first nations had people in
tears, Justin Trudeau is working hard to assure better economic results for the
first nations.

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