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GLOBAL has successfully completed over 25,000 GLP studies pertaining to
Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Specialty chemicals, and cosmetics in the past
two decades. JRF GLOBAL, further, takes a pride to be a partner in the
successful registration of all their sponsors’ products. In addition, our
expertise, along with the experience of working with myriad of companies, helps
our esteemed sponsors to smoothly acquire global registration for their


Our efficient and effective team project management has played a
significant role in our success story.

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Project Management System involves a strange complexity in managing various projects at various
stages because of various challenges like GLP compliance, meeting deadlines,
unforeseen sudden change in the requirements of the sponsor, as well as
handling various statutory requirements.


Project managers, in todays’ challenging environment, have to
think and focus beyond the traditional concepts of time, cost, and quality
factors. They need to add effectiveness by considering crucial factors like
statutory changes, precise scope with respect to client’s registration needs,
external and internal risks, and Return On Investment (ROI).


Fig. 1 – Modern era project management system


Complexity is further increased due to the greater strategic
demands of not only ensuring but also providing customers satisfaction by
maintaining a regulatory compliance driving towards higher demands on scope and
quality throughout the study plans, experimental design, results, conclusions
and risk assessment. Project Managers need not only understand the operational
risks of various projects, but also need to consider those unforeseen factors
having potential to affect the project delivery as per the agreement. An
effective forecasting at every stage is the key to competitiveness which
project managers need to develop for handling challenging projects.


Traditionally, Project Managers were forced to
spend much of their time on collecting information. But in today’s era using
highly sophisticated facilities and project management system, the desired
information could be made available at one’s fingertips. Based on these
reliable information, Project Managers must be equipped to take strategic
decisions, predict the trends, and forecast risks to ensure effectiveness and
efficiency while delivering the challenging projects. Further, project
managers need to cultivate effective communications skills amongst the team
members to ensure a smooth and effective communication flow at every stage of
the study.


At the same time, in a GLP research project
managers should take the responsibility of educating sponsors on the
requirement of their target registration authorities. An effective approach in
handling such challenges will define and finalise the scope of work. Once the contract
agreement with the sponsor is signed, the role of the team project management kick
starts – working on various requirements, resource planning, and scheduling to
ensure customer satisfaction.  

To ensure
effectiveness and efficiency in project delivery on time and to gain customers’
faith and trust, project managers have to apply various skills at every level
and with every stockholders, because “A
satisfied customer is the best business strategy” ~ Michael LeBoeuf, Business




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