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Joyce Carol Oates writes, “In love, there
are two things—bodies and words.”. Poetry is a way to share feeling between two
bodies with the help of love. The word “Love” sounds very simple but it carries
a deep meaning and huge responsibility within it. Many years ago, till advanced
today, we can find that in most of the literature “love” plays a very important
role. Even in the ancient Biblical times, “love” had a deeper meaning. In fact,
in two great poems, “How Do I Love Thee” “(Browning)
and “To My Dear and Loving Husband, (Bradstreet)” love is the key theme that
connects two different poems as one. In the two poems, “How Do I Love Thee” “(Browning) and “To My Dear and Loving Husband, (Bradstreet)”
the main purpose of the poem is to describe or express the love to their
partners until their death. In general, both poems used the same elements to
share their feeling about how serious and passionate their love is. The poems
“How Do I Love Thee” “(Browning) and
“To My Dear and Loving Husband, (Bradstreet)” were informed by personal life
written many years apart, however, they both convey the same message about love
using the same techniques such as natural elements and figurative language.

Intrinsically, “To
my dear and Loving Husband(Bradstreet)” is a great reflection of Anne
Bradstreet’s motivation for writing poem excessively using “Love” in
her poetry. Anne Bradstreet’s deep and immortal love influence for her husband,
Simon Bradstreet’s with whom she got married at the teenage of sixteen and was
a Puritan woman. It was written between 1641 and 1643. Undoubtedly, back in
early North American, Puritan colonies, this work would have been a wife’s Obligation.
However today everything has been changed and women become more as an independent
wife. I think she may have a genuine love that every girl wants and she
expressed her feeling with courage via poetry. Most of all her poem speaks
about love, religion, and morality. Anne Bradstreet explores her honesty and
loyalty for her husband and family likewise how Elizabeth Browning explored
hers. The time between their two poems was written about hundreds of years ago
but each poem carries the same type of love that remains until the time of

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On the other hand,
“How Do I Love Thee” “(Browning)
is a soulful poem about the author’s complicated lifestyle and the far distance
love relationship which become later a great inspirational source for her to
write love poems. “How Do I Love Thee” “(Browning) is the Sonnets(number.43) from the Portuguese, it was
first published in 1850. Elizabeth Barrett Browning dedicated her poem to her
husband, Robert Browning. It is believed that her motivation behind the work
was Browning’s deep love for her husband who had rescued her from a depressed
lifestyle in London. Especially when she was desperate by the sudden accidental
death of her dear brother. Obsessed with her father’s anger and resistance,
Browning was alone and her only hope was poetry and she was very successful
writing it. which eventually impressed Robert Browning and them both fell in
love and flew secretly to Italy in 1846. During a year gap (1845-1846), both
had shared numbers of a poem with each other. This gives a transparent ideology
of how much they were passionate about their love. The Excerpt from The Letters
of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett explains their soulful and true love
for each other.  “For I have none in the
world who will hold me to make me live in it, except only you…at your
voice…and because you have the use for me! I have come back to live a little
for you. I love you – I bless God for you…, always I knew” (Kintner: (vol.

                The author has used various
elements like natural materials and elements in their poem to order to show
their power and loyalty towards their love. In the poem, Anne Bradstreet
writes, ” I prize thy love more than whole mines of gold, or all the
riches that the East doth hold.”(Bradstreet 5) So here she is comparing
her love with some natural elements and wealth but her love is more valuable
and worthy than it. “My love is such that rivers cannot quench,” (Bradstreet 7)
Bradstreet thirst for her love is so big that even the rivers cannot quench.
whereas Browning is explaining that no matter it is day or night true lovers
never stop loving each other. They love their lovers all time – and exactly
that’s how she loves her husband that no matter it is a daylight or night.
” Thy love is such I can no way repay; The heavens reward thee manifold, I
pray.” (Bradstreet 9-10) The cited phrases convince her reader that she
loved her husband in every possible way she could. So they will be sent
directly to heaven and their love will become immortal.

Similarly, Browning’s as
well uses natural elements as support for her love the poems also include some
imagery word in the poem. the poet is successful in painting a picture in the
audience mind. Browning writes” I love thee to the depth and breadth and
height.” “(Browning 2) In general,
the sentence creates a big picture in the reader’s mind that her love is
endless love in every direction. The height represents the long, the depth
represents deep and the breadth represents the wide. Her limit for love is
limitless. The other thing Browning does in her poem is that she explains her
love by comparing it to the natural elements. In a poem she writes, “the
quietest need, by sun and candlelight,” “(Browning
6) so basically both poem is comparing their love with the natural
elements. Basically, she is saying that from daylight to the candlelight in the
evening her love for the thee is constant. Both writers convey that their love
for their husband is so true and pure that no one can kill it or change it.

Figurative language is
the literary element that author used wisely and widely in the poetry. The
Bradstreet used figurative language wisely in the first three lines of “To My
Dear Loving and Husband” (Bradstreet). “If ever two were one, then surely
we. If ever man were loved by wife, then thee; If ever wife was happy in a
man…” (Bradstreet 1-3). the author explains to readers that their
relationship is an exemplary couple that was devoted to each other. With help
of poem, she tries to prove that deep inside of her emotions and feelings are
incomparable to anyone. In addition, the author also shares her marriage and
explains that she and her husband complete each other’s lives. Two people are
impossible to unite two people as one physically but in the poem, we can see
the how spiritually her and her husband togetherness. “If ever two were one,
then surely, we,” (Bradstreet 1). This is an example of a paradox.
“That when we live no more, we may live ever.” (Bradstreet 12). I
believe the mentioned stanza is the backbone of the poem. She insists on this
paradox that their love is eternal and that after they die they shall continue
loving one another. However, it is impossible to be dead yet still living.

In comparison to “To My
Dear Loving and Husband” (Bradstreet), Figurative language is another literary
element that Browning used widely in the poem “How Do I Love Thee”(Browning), by repeating the phrase “I Love
Thee” (Browning 1) to catch the reader’s attention. She wants to make sure that
readers know that she loves her husband so much which is why she is using that
phrase all over the poem. Browning also uses personification in her poem. She
says, “I love thee to the depth and breadth and height/My soul can reach
when feeling out of sight”(Browning 2). In general, she is explaining that
she cannot see or touch her husband but her body and soul still feels him. She
believes in her love so much that she doesn’t have to touch him physically to
feel him. The use of figurative Language in both poem allows both authors to
share their feeling with the readers towards their husband and family in a very
similar way. They each believe in a love that is free and faithful. Both poems
reflect each other how passionately they love their husbands in every possible

Both poems have many
similarities to share their love with the world however the poem has tended to
differ. one of the major difference between is the difference in the intended
audience for each poem. In the poem “How Do I Love Thee”(Browning), the poet is directly communicating
with her beloved husband whereas in the poem “How Do I Love Thee”(Browning), the poet is speaking directly to her
readers. I do not think their difference does not create a huge effect on
either poem but it is significant when examining strategy. We can look at
Bradstreet’s poem as more personal in that she might not have intended this
poem for public consumption and even if she did, she still chose to address her
husband directly, giving him all her attention. Bradstreet’s poem is also
composed of a mood and tone of humility, indicating that the love she shares
with her husband is invaluable.”

Putting all the above
mentioned into a nutshell, the poems “How Do I Love Thee”(Browning) and “To My Dear and Loving
Husband, (Bradstreet) ” were composed numerous years ago, be that as it
may, they both pass on a similar message about love using same techniques and
phrases in their poem. Both poems carry a huge message, true emotions and
genuine fact within it. When we love some truly and there is no limit of it
then we want to be together with each other all the time and nothing in the
world will not stop loving each other. The poems compare their love with
different components just to share with all the readers about their passionate
love. I loved the poem. the perfect choice of words not just simply carries a
serious and deep meaning behind every phrase but also a powerful meaning of
love that poet is trying to explain. The poet was very successful in conveying
her message. Their message is as simple as “I Love You”. But both poets used an
amazing detail to compare her love with everything, which makes a huge positive
impact on the audiences.


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