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(2013). Effective communication occurs when the person you communicate to
interprets your message as you intended. As I look back over my life, and career
rather actively or passively interpersonal skills played a vital role in garnering
many relationships. In fact, it is these same skills that will continue to play
a vital role in my continue growth as a professional and an individual. As I journey
through this course I hope to heighten those crucially important skills.

on my interpersonal skills has opened many doors in my life. Not only did it
open doors for me but sealed them with certainty. The right attitude can make a
huge difference in a workplace. Like most jobs there are times where you must
work as a team, and having sharpen interpersonal skills help with those tasks. I’ve
learned throughout my time as a Medical Assistant people apricate communication.

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skills don’t always have to be verbal. Interpersonal skills can sometime be
non-verbal. When I was younger I was staying over at my uncles’ house. There
was a strange noise. Me and a few other family members heard the noise again.
The noise sounded as if elephants were pounding on the walls. We walked down
the hall and my uncles brother knocked on the door. My uncle came to his room
door and gave it a slight crack. We asked was everything ok, my uncle replied, “yes”
with a smile. Although he said yes, we heard cracks in his voice and fear in
his eyes. My uncle was being held at gun point. The robber was behind the door.
We didn’t alarm him that we knew. We calmly walked away and immediately contacted
the polices. After the polices came, justice was served. No one was hurt, and
nothing was taken.

leads me to this topic. Another thing I found out along the way listening is an
important part of communication. It promotes understanding and it allows us to
formulate communications around what we heard. Fenell (2017) At we speak we
Invest 45% about our period tuning in. Most people take listening for granted
but it is not the same as hearing and should be thought of as a skill. Our
Listening Skills page acts as an introduction to the subject and lists the ten
principles of listening. Active Listening provides a lot more information about
how to listen effectively and can help you to avoid misunderstandings. We also
have a page on Ineffective Listening, you may recognize some of the bad habits
you or other people have picked up when listening. Reflection and clarification
are both common techniques used to ensure that what you have heard and
understood is what was intended – you can find out more on our pages Reflecting
and Clarification.

I was first starting my career in the medical field I was a bit rusty in
communicating well with others. In my interview my palms were sweating, and my
words were very unclear and low. Although I had dressed accordingly, and my
resume was impeccable I didn’t get the job. The reason for not getting the job
was simply not being able to communicate. In the medical field you could be in
intense situations all the time at any given time. You must be able to
communicate and respond.

skills are very important and can be looked at very critical. What are
interpersonal skills? Interpersonal skills are how you communicate and better
known as people skills to many. Are interpersonal skills important? Yes, interpersonal
skills play a key role in many things. Many things that can refer to a job for

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