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Jonathan Swift’s book “Gulliver’s travels” that was released in 1726 visualize a satire of the English society and how England is governed.The book starts with the main character Lemuel Gulliver who narrates the whole novel that just failed his business as a surgeon and heads out to sea. His journey on his ship do not go very well when a storm hits and destroys his beloved ship. Gulliver then washes ashore on the island Lilliput. This islands inhabitants are only 6 inches tall but possess the self importance of a full sized man. On this island Gulliver soon observes that the emperor of Lilliput chooses his ministers on their ability to walk a tightrope and by their ability to govern. This is Swift’s criticism towards George I , the king of England during the beginning of the 1700 century. He chose his ministers not of how they walked a tightrope but how their connections in the court and whether they would make decisions based on what King George wanted them to instead of what was right for England. Later in the book Swift criticize the religious animosity within the english society by letting Gulliver experience the hate between the Lilliputians who open their eggs from the large or the small end. With this his point is not that it really matters which end you open the egg from but how ridiculous some controversies can be. Gulliver in the end leaves the island because the Lilliputians builds him a boat and he travels back to England.Gulliver next voyage where he has been in England for 2 months and was eager to travel again and lands on the island Brobdingnag where he is left behind and is found by a 72 foot tall farmer. In this instance i find no connections to my thesis statement other than that English farmers may not have an elevator that goes all the way up to the penthouse, but i do not think that this is what he is trying to say. In the end he return home to England. On his third voyage he was attacked by pirates and escaped to the flying island Laputa. On Laputa Gulliver discovers a race who are so far away from reality as it possibly seems. Gulliver tells us that there a people who tries to build houses from the top and down, which is impossible but that shows how removed from reality this race is. What Swift wants to satirize with this is the english projectors who come up with unworkable and outlandish ways to cure society’s problems. After Gulliver visited Laputa he tours Luggnagg and Glubbdubdrib in his wait to receive a pass so that he can travel to Japan. When Gulliver arrived to Japan he says “I desired the Secretary to present my humble duty to the Emperor, and to let him know, that I thought it would not become me, who was a foreigner, to interfere with parties; but I was ready, with the hazard of my life, to defend his person and state against all invaders.”(Chapter 4 page 86) Which the emperor saw as a nice gesture and also allowed Gulliver to travel home where he was determined to stay the rest of his life.  Despite that he was determined to stay home Gulliver was bored of his employment as a surgeon and went on his fourth voyage as a captain on a cargo ship (in the book a merchantman). Not lucky this time either his crew went against him. After keeping Gulliver captured for a long time they decided to leave him on the first piece of land that they find. The crew leaves Gulliver on the land of the Houyhnhnms. On this island Gulliver he first meets deformed creatures which are humans

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