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John Dewey was an american philosopher and educational reformer who founded the philosophical movement of pragmatism and lead the progressive movement in education in the United States. During the year of 1916 filled with the industrial revolution and the first world war, Dewey wrote his book Democracy and Education. In this book Dewey provides insight on the educational theory which emphasizes on the society in which the individual lives and how democracy and education interact.John Dewey was known as the father of experiential education, which is a philosophy of education that describes the process that occurs between a teacher and student that infuses direct experience with the learning environment and content. The educational approaches that are taken to expand the learning experience as a better form of grasping the information. This type of learning gives way for for a new frontier of learning that connects with all levels of people in all areas.Every person is different in terms of the way they learn and retain the information. In most common schools every subject is taught in a generic fashion as a way some people feel will reach all students. As your grade level progresses you are split into different classes based on your perception of the material you have learned in the past. There is a crucial age at which our brains process data and information.Dewey  visualizes that education is based upon the context of what is going on in society. When the educator has a student that will soon become a member in society and has the ability to develop overtime based on his or hers teachings. When they begin to become apart of the community and gain knowledge through direct experience in life. Showing that greater forms of knowledge come from an experience.A good curriculum should have current events that relate to living together and observations that develop ideas and beliefs. Depending on the school you attend and where the people who attend come from the education can either be practical or more refined. Baldwin states “Now, the crucial paradox which confronts us here is that~at the whole process of education occurs within a social framework and is designed to perpetuate the aims of society” (pg.201). We live in a society that is still oppressive towards minorities and white privilege still exists.As someone who has experienced different forms of schools from preparatory to magnet it has been observed that curriculums are formed differently.While preparatory schools give more rigorous classes magnet schools are more well rounded in different studies as to fit all students, which has proven to work better in teaching. We have different styles of learning from each and everyone of us. This allows for a more well rounded society where people can learn from each other. High schools are preparing students for the social world by guiding them to their interest instead of forcing them to fit inside a mold based on who they are. Emerson states “every young man and woman is born with some determination in his or her nature, and is a potential genius”. In most cases students don’t focus on what is being taught but strive to make sure that they are caught up with everyone else. In any situation if someone carries an interest or passion towards what they are learning their knowledge will grow.High Schools give students a chance at life that prepares them for what is to come into society. Giving group projects which connect two or more peers who could be friends or just acquaintances, opens them up into a world of experience into someone else’s life. High schools are the ground for experience to happen with all walks of life. Experience cannot be taught you have to let people experience things for themselves.I believe high schools are preparing students and citizens to achieve Dewey’s vision. As a way of using experience so that a person learns based on what they want to gain from a task. Education and democracy interacting together to create a society where everyone is not placed under a stereotype of what they look like or based on how they learn.

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