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Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press.  His invention made typing fast and improved communication around the world.  Johannes Gutenberg’s full name is Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg.  He was born around 1398 in Maize, Germany.  However, he sadly passes away at the age of 70 on February 3, 1468.  Gutenberg was buried at a franciscan church convent near Eltville, Germany.  His father was Friele Gensfleisch zur Laden, who was the son of a goldsmith, and he died in 1419.  Gutenberg’s mother was Else Wirick zum Gutenberg, she was the daughter of a shopkeeper.  His brother and sister were Friele zum and Else Vitzum Gensfleisch.  He was the third child and the only one to take his mother’s name.  He was also part of the aristocratic family, which means that they could have a good education and have the necessary needs. Johannes  Gutenberg also went to school. Johannes Gutenberg studied at the school, University of Erfurt.  The university is in the capital of the German state, Thuringia.  The school was founded in 1397.  He attended the university in 1418.  While Gutenberg was there he studied grammar.  Though later on he specialized in Latin.  His education led him to being smart for his career. Johannes Gutenberg was training to be a goldsmith in Maize.  However, in 1411 they were forced to leave Maize and move to Strasbourg, Germany because of an attack on their town.  While there he specialized in cutting stones to make jewelry.  After he invented the printing press he ran a printing press shop.  Gutenberg also had a business partner, Johann Fust.  Johann Fust sued him when the printing business ran into legal problems. After that Johannes Gutenberg was severely in debt.  In 1462 the printing shop was destroyed.  He was not a very successful businessman.  His career was part of his contribution to science. Although Johannes Gutenberg wasn’t very successful in his career, he changed the world forever.  Gutenberg introduced movable type to Europe.  He actually wasn’t the one to invent moveable type, the Chinese did.  However, he was the first one to invent to put it in his invention, the printing press.  A printing press is a machine that can print letters or pictures quickly on a piece of paper instead of writing it by hand.  There were over 290 moveable blocks on the moveable type.  Gutenberg was most famous for printing the Gutenberg Bible.  Today they are very rare because they are only about 60 Gutenberg Bibles left.  Also little evidence exists about what he printed because he didn’t put his name on any of his printings.  His invention changed the world in many number of ways. Johannes Gutenberg transformed learning because of the printing press.  Now anybody can read and communicate.

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