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Jing-mei (June) Woo: June is a strong hearted girl. Her mother had recently passed away because of a cerebral aneurysm. Her father told her to take her mother’s place in The Joy Luck Club. The other members of the Joy Luck Club gave June money to go back to China to solve a mystery from her mother. She had two twin sisters that lived in China but the mother left them because of the war that was going on.Suyuan Woo: Suyuan was June’s mother. She died because of a cerebral aneurysm. She was the founder of the Joy Luck Club, that is why June took her place after she died. While in China she had three daughters, she had twins and she had June. She had to evacuate from China because her husband told her that China was not safe, he was a military general. She had to leave the twins in China and left with June to the U.S.Canning Wo He is Suyuan’s second husband. He made June take her mother’s place in the Joy Luck Club. Him and Suyuan only had one daughter and it was June. They both met in a hospital in the city of Chungking. Wang Chwun Yu and Wang Chwun Hwa(twins): They are the twin daughters of Suyuan and her first husband. They were needed to evacuate to Chungking because an officer of the husband, who was a military general, warned her of a possible invasion. Suyuan decided to leave the twins in the side of the road. Later when the families “reunite” they get told the mother’s story.Jong FamilyLindo Jong: She is a member of the Joy Luck Club. She teaches the powers of invisible strength to her daughter Waverly. She also enjoys playing chess with her daughter. She really thinks that adapting her daughter to an American mentality will make her not act like a Chinese grown child. She also feels that herself can feel a little too assimilated.Waverly Jong: Waverly is the youngest of Lindo and Tin’s children. She always has been a success seeker. She has won lots of chess tournaments when she was young and when she became an adult started studying to eventually become an attorney.Tin Jong: He is Lindo’s second husband. They both had 3 children, Waverly, Vincent, and Winston.Vincent Jong: He is Lindo and Tin’s second son. He was the cause why his sister Waverly plays chess. He got gifted a secondhand chess game at a church Christmas party and ever since they his sister got into chess.Winston Jong: He is Lindo and Tin’s first son. When he was 16 he died in a car crash.Marvin Chen: He is Waverly’s first husband. They had one daughter called Shoshana. Waverly’s mother did not like Marvin and only pointed out his faults. They soon divorced because Waverly started only noticing Marvin by his faults like her mother.Shoshana Chen: She is Marvin and Waverly’s daughter. After her parents divorced her mother Waverly started to love her a lot and teaches her lessons for when she grows up. Hsu FamilyAn-mei Hsu: She is a member of the Joy Luck Club. She has learned lots of lessons on life because of the events that she had to go through in her life. Some of the lessons she learned were about the dangers of passivity and the need for speaking up for herself. Rose Hsu: She is the youngest daughter out of the three daughters that An-mei and George have. She was engaged to Ted Jordan, but they broke up because he was making all of the decisions in the relationship although Rose told him to and George said that she should have some responsibility.Bing Hsu: He was the youngest out of the seven children that An-mei and George have. He died when he was 4 years old because he drowned. He was supposed to be supervised by his sister, Rose, but she did not know that. Now Rose thinks that it was her fault that her brother died.George Hsu: He is married to An-mei. They both have 7 children 3 being girls and 4 boys.St. Clair FamilyYing-ying St. Clair: She is a member of the Joy Luck Club. She is a very independent person. She is married to an American man called Clifford St. Claire. She has one daughter called Lena. She is also very passive and she has lots of self control.Lena St. Clair: She is the daughter of Ying-ying and Clifford. She has no brothers or sisters. She is married to a man called Harold Livotny. She started acting very much like her mother in the way of having a good relationship with her husband. Clifford St. Clair: He is married to Ying-ying and has one daughter. He is American and he never learned how to speak Chinese and Ying-ying never learned how to fluently speak English so they had problems communicating. He often teaches Ying-Ying some words in English.

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