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Jesus’ culture was both unified and divided. They were unified together by the Roman empire but it was divided by their many religions and their religious political groups. The Jews saw their mission in the world from the Prophets was to spread the good news and great works of God. During Jesus’ time, there were many religious political groups. The first of the political Groups was the Romans, they took over the “world of Jesus”. Pontius Pilate replaced Herod the Great and Herod’s son as ruler. The Romans crucified hundreds of the Jews and Roman soldiers bullied and treated the Jewish people as less than human. Some of the Roman soldiers became Gentiles of God fearing the Jews. These Gentiles would go on to eventually spread Christianity throughout the Roman Empire. Another one of the religious political groups were the Herodians, they were the tax collectors for the Romans and other Roman offices. Jesus Christ had one Apostle who was a Herodian tax collector; the name of this tax collector was Matthew. Jesus Christ appreciated that the Herodians were non-violent but did not like that they only sought out political and economic gain. The next one of the religious political groups was the Zealots, the Zealots were violent and murderous people. The Zealots had a saying that “the only good Roman was a dead Roman.” Jesus had at least five Apostles that had Zealot names. There were many Zealots ranking highly among the Jewish people. The Zealots launched a revolt against the Roman empire that led to the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. Another Religious Political Group was the Essenes who when they found out that there was corruption in the Jewish temple they left Jerusalem to live in the desert. They followed the laws strictly, for instance they believed it was a violation of the Sabbath rest to defecate on the Sabbath. Along with many other laws.Another of the many religious political groups were the Sadducees. The Sadducees were the wealthy class. They were Priests and levites in worship. They did not believe in resurrection. Jesus appreciates how devot they are but, he criticizes that they think people are only rewarded or punished by god in this life and nothing in the next.

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