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Jaydon SandersPawnee Indians”The Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma has a long and proud history spanning back more than 700 years”(Pawnee, 10). The Indian tribe has a broad and interesting history and culture. Throughout history the Pawnee Nation was a very large and dominating tribe with many rituals and unique ways of life. The Pawnee Nation lived in The Plains of the Americas and were mainly located in Nebraska and Kansas. The seasons in this area were very extreme, it would be extremely cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. “This area in the summer received very little rain and was extremely dry.  In the heat the ground would be extremely dry, with little vegetation and few trees”(The Pawnee, 4). Though during the spring and fall there was a lot of variety which included trees, vegetation, forest animals, roots, and berries.  This is the area where the Pawnee built their permanent village, so they could have access to the North Platte River(The Pawnee, 7). The Pawnee Nation would the animals around the North Platte which included bison, elk, and antelopes.While the men were hunting the women would grow corn, beans, pumpkins, and squash, with their main crop being corn. The Pawnee Indians lived off of the Natural resources of the land and were very resourceful. The were very interesting and unique in the way they lived their life.The Pawnee Indians lived in teepees which were made out of long wooden poles covered with animal skins. The Pawnee were very reliant upon the buffalo and would the buffalo skin for the outside of the teepees. “The tepees were often painted with pictures of animals or things in nature to show the personalities of the family”(The Pawnee, 16). The teepees were all different sizes and had many different uses for the teepees. In the smaller teepees the Indians slept, got dressed, and cooked around a small fire. While in the bigger teepees they would campfires and they sit around it and tell stories about their hunt. They, along with many other tribes, had a smoking teepee which was mostly for the cheif or elder of the tribes.The Pawnee Nation lived in an that was very heavily populated with buffalo, elk, and antelopes, so this was the animals the Pawnee Nation. The main animal the Pawnee would hunt were the buffalo. They would use the skin from the wolves they killed to disguise themselves as wolves, so they could get close enough to the buffalo the shoot and kill them with their bows and arrows. “While the men were on the hunt, the Pawnee women planted gardens.  They grew corn, beans, pumpkins, and squash” (The Pawnee, 14)The Pawnee women had many other crops they would plant, but the most plentiful crop they had was corn, so they would corn as their main crop. The Pawnee had many ceremonies to honor the Great Spirit.They have ceremonies for for many reasons such as, when babies were born, to pray for rain, and to thank the sun before a hunt. The Pawnee Nation believed in the Great Spirit, which would mostly relate to our God. They believed the Great Spirit had power over all things in nature, and would pray to the Great spirits during ceremonies for rain or whatever they needed from nature. The Pawnee Nation also believed the Earth was the mother of all spirits; they they had many gods for different things. In their everyday life they the Indians were very resourceful and did not waste much of anything. When the Indians killed the bison they would use every part of the bisons body. From the bisons bones they would make tools for gardening,while the pelt was used for the outside of their teepees, and they ate the meat.The Pawnee wore beads made from animal bone and teeth, feathers, and other pieces of nature.(Pawnee, 10). The Indians changes through the span of their tribe, but what didn’t change, till the Europeans, was their hunting. The Pawnee used the bow and arrow as their weapon of choice all the way up to the nineteenth century when the rifle became the weapon of choice among bison hunters. As time went on, the Pawnee became more resourceful with the buffalo skin and started making tents, ropes, rawhide, containers, blankets, robes, clothing, and footwear all with the buffalo hide. The Pawnee Nation was never the biggest tribe and most dominant, but they were always a big, and well known tribe. As the Pawnee lived on the Plains they got smarter, more resourceful, stronger, and larger.Throughout history the Pawnee Nation was a very large and dominating tribe with many rituals and unique ways in their daily life.

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