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Java is a computer programming language. It allows programmers
to write instructions from the computer using English-based commands
instead of having to write in numeric codes. It is known as a high
level language because humans can easily read and write it. As in
English, Java has a set of rules that determine how instructions are
written. These rules are known as their syntax. Once a program has
been written, high-level instructions are translated into numerical
codes that computers can understand and execute.Error: Reference source not found

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language that
defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a human readable and
machine-readable format. XML design goals emphasize simplicity,
generality and ease of use on the Internet. It is a format of textual
data with strong support through Unicode for different human
languages. Although the XML design focuses on documents, the language
is widely used for the representation of arbitrary data structures,
such as those used in web services.

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Android Activity:
Activities. The activities are one of the fundamental
pillars of the applications on the Android platform. They serve as
the entry point for a user’s interaction with an application, and are
also fundamental to the way a user navigates within an application.

Fragments: A Fragment represents a behavior or part of the
user interface in an Activity. You can combine multiple fragments
into a single activity to build a multi-panel user interface and
reuse a fragment in multiple activities. You can think of a fragment
as a modular section of an activity, which has its own life cycle,
receives its own input events and that you can add or delete while
the activity is running (something like a “sub-activity”
that you can reuse in different activities).

means Unified Modeling Language. is a standard language of
visual modeling intended to be used for business modeling and similar
processes, analysis, design and implementation of software-based

Case Diagram: The purpose of a use case
diagram in uml is to demonstrate the different ways in which a user
can interact with a system, the use cases are diagrammed so that they
are easily understood, no matter who is looking at the diagram.

Diagram: Sequence diagrams are a popular solution for
dynamic modeling in UML because they focus specifically on the
“lifelines” of an object and how they communicate with
other objects to perform a function before the lifeline ends. Use
this guide to learn everything there is to know about sequence
diagrams in UML.

Activity Diagram:
An activity
diagram visually presents a series of actions or control flow in a
system similar to a flow chart or a data flow diagram. Activity
diagrams are often used in the modeling of business processes. They
can also describe the steps in a use case diagram.


Survey is
the most efficient method to gather information about a large group
of people within a community, such as universities, schools or any
institutional community.
have an important role for immediate community development and can
also serve the future of a community by preparing the baseline data
required for later community improvements.
The survey
is basically an activity in which many people are asked the same
questions to gather information about the views and opinions of a
certain group.
A typical
survey consists of many questions, the responses of the respondent in
an established format. There are open and closed questions. An open
question asks the respondent to formulate their own response, while
closed questions allow the respondent to choose a response from a
given option.
One of the
most important advantages of the survey in all its forms is to offer
the opinion and perspective of the community to the interested
parties, in a situation in which the members of the community are
more involved in the decision making process.
In recent
years, people have begun to integrate technology into data collection
methods, such as running online surveys, since almost everyone has
access to the Internet through their smartphones, and this
integration has significantly improved the fields of data collection.

about half the adult population owns a smartphone. They have become
the fastest-selling gadgets in history, Smartphones also entered
every aspect of our daily life, we can almost do anything through
with the easiness of gaining internet access these days, people start
to deploy smartphones technology to provide helpful services that
makes their life easier, from playing mobile games for entertainment,
to making bank transactions on their mobiles applications.
Smartphone with an Android OS offers excellent functionality to the
users offering a distinct experience.
My plan in
this semester project was to develop android mobile application which
allows the university’s administration to run mobile based-surveys
and collect student’s feedback through mobile based-survey, and
allows the students to browse and participate easily on the available
surveys on their smart phones.

most of the used surveys system are web based-surveys, for example,
our university survey system that runs surveys through the university
website, and such a system runs surveys only on a specific time
during the semester, usually with the end of the semester, with same
topics and questions repeated over and over and over. And just to be
honest this system is not friendly at all, it does force you to
participate on the surveys by preventing you from using the other
functions of the system until you participate on the surveys, for
example, you cannot check your exam result that have been announced
recently until you answer the given surveys, and that leads you to
answer randomly and quickly in order to see your grade mark.

the university survey system always has same topics to talk about, it
is always about teachers and courses evaluation without talking
about university services or events etc.

the survey’s repeating
every year and semester, the survey itself is long
and boring to complete due to the complication of its words,
sentences and the answers options.

And all
that had motivated me to carry on with my project idea to make a
separated survey mobile based system which allows the administration
to create simple surveys and polls in a simple form and at any time.
within a universities’ community, many students’ opinion might be
unreachable due to the difficulty of reaching each member
Using such
a system within universities is the best practice to reduce the gap
between the students and the administration.
example, a simple online survey can obtain feedback from students on
a new course, whether it met their expectations or the efficiency of
the teaching process. Moreover, a simple online survey can be used
to collect feedbacks about specific issues such as organizing
events, or about specific services in university.

most important questions posed during project planning was:
to develop mobile application software?
What are the features used
that could help my project to accomplish its tasks?


This chapter will provide a complete description
of the system and its users. Then it defines the system requirements
that have been gathered. After determining the most important
requirements, requirement analysis was achieved using several tools
such as UML diagrams.
is a powerful
Operating system, based on the Linux kernel, designed with mobile in
mind, the place where your phone’s functions and applications live.
Everything you see on the display of your device is a part of the
operating system. When you get a call, text message, or email, the OS
processes that information and puts it in a readable format.

Android Platform
has around 75% of
the worldwide smartphone market, supporting a large number of
applications for Phones, these applications make life more
comfortable and advanced for the users.
Android provides a rich application framework that allows you to
build innovative apps and games for mobile devices in JAVA language
environment and XML for GUI design.

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