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Jason E. MahabirProfessor JamesCamporealeEnglishComposition I-M24D5hDecember 2017Software Engineer: iOS DeveloperiOS developers are responsible for designing and building applicationsfor the for the iOS platform. In other words, they write the software that enablesiPhone users to shop, watch movies and television shows, share photos andcomment on social media, play video games and more. They are highly soughtafter because their work simultaneously drive innovation of Apple’s mobile divisionthrough the development of innovative apps.

Characteristic predispositions of agood developer are supreme communication, detail oriented, great at time andtask management, logic maniac, good team player, passionate, creative, excellentproblem solving skills and of course writing code. Therefore, it is clear thatan iOS developer is a career for individuals interested in working with innovativemobile technology; aspire to create the next Snapchat, or create apps that contributeto the improvement of humanity.According to, iOS developers ensure the performance, qualityand responsiveness of applications, collaborate with a team to define, design,and ship new features. In addition, they identify and correct bottlenecks andfix bugs, help maintain code quality, organization, and automation.

They spendmost of their time at their computers writing software. They will also spendsome time writing diagrams and thinking about the general structure of programs.Like any work, there is also occasional meetings with bosses, clients, etc.  In the best companies, an iOS developer haslong periods of deep, uninterrupted work where they get to solve very interestingsoftware problems.

An iOS developer earns an average of $94,424 per year( According to, the benefits of working at atop technology company such as Apple are discounts on Apple products and stockoptions. In addition, a “beer bash” takes place every few weeks at theirHeadquarters in Cupertino where they provide free appetizers and beer foremployees. Apple also provides a stipend to help cover the cost of employeescommuting by bus, train, and other means. In addition, there is a lot of independence and little micromanaging (

iOS developers also have the freedom to choose which projects to work on.Great developers are rare.  Theirproductivity is three times that of an average developer and ten times that ofa bad developer (The Mythical man month).

The top one percent developers in theworld do not just write solid code but have important intangible traits.  Qualities that set great programmers apartare a positive attitude, someone that is willing to go the distance to get thejob done and bring their best every day. Good communication skills directlycorrelate with good development skills. A great developer is able to understandproblems clearly, break them down into hypotheses and propose solutions in acoherent manner. They understand concepts quickly. They are highly reliable,have a strong work ethic and the ability to estimate the amount of time neededto complete a task, and delivering on it.

 They also have the ability to learn new technologies on their own andfind difference resources, talk to the right people and find solutions toproblems they do not know the answer to.  Ideally, a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science is necessary because it coversthe core fundamentals of programming. “Computer Science deals with information,efficient representation and transformation, security; its storage, retrieval,analysis and display” (The City College of New York). According to AssistantProfessor of Cognitive Science at UC San Diego Philip Guo, graduating from MassachusettsInstitute of Technology or Stanford will give you professional advantages overthose who attend normal universities by making it easier to get a job as an iOSdeveloper at Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and prestigious big companies alike. Inaddition, at least one year of experience building apps in Objectice-C andSwift programming languages are required.  Unlike other careers, you can learn to writeiOS programs with just a MacBook and an Internet connection.

Therefore, employersalso expect a developer to have a portfolio highlighting their programming skills.Working pro bono for charities and non-profit organizations are great ways togain professional experience while building a solid portfolio. It should now be obvious what course of study is required, the impact ofattending an top tier technology university, some of the benefits top tiertechnology companies offer the, and the premium salary that comes with  iOS developer. If this type of work were inline with your characteristics and traits then a career as an iOS developerwould be a good match.      Work CitedURL: www. Title: Glassdoor.comArticle Title: Apple Employee ReviewsDate Accessed: December 13, 2017URL: Title: Toptal.comArticle Title: iOS Developer Job Description TemplateDate Accessed: December 13, 2017URL: www. Title: Philip J. GuoArticle Title: The advantages of attending a prestigious name-branduniversityAuthor: Philip J. GuoDate Accessed: December 13, 2017  URL: Title: The City College ofNew YorkArticle Title: Computer ScienceDate Accessed: December 13, 2017URL:,13.htmWebsiteTitle: The City College of New YorkArticle Title: IOS Developer SalariesDate Accessed: December 13, 2017URL: Title: The City College ofNew YorkArticle Title: 7 Qualities that differentiate a great programmer from agood programmerAuthor: Damien FiliatraultDate Accessed: December 13, 2017 URL: Title: Businessinsider.comArticle Title:  Apple employeesreveal the 19 best things about working for the world’s                                           most valuable companyAuthor: Maya KosoffDate Accessed: December 13, 2017 

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