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January 26, 1703 Dear Peter the Great, It is with great privilege that I write back to you on these earnest issues. I, King Louis XIV, am certain to be of extraordinary impact to your empire’s prosperity. Through encounters amid my rule, I have discovered that there are keys to progress and impediments to that as well. My part as the absolute ruler of France for 72 long years positively gives truth to my words. During my time in control, I changed France into the prevailing country of Europe, extended its limits, and left my beneficiaries secure in their belonging. Moreover, I had combined France’s organization of its provincial belonging and business, turning it into a force to be reckoned with under my hand. Despite the power house of a nation that I created, the way minorities and masses were dealt with My very own Catholicism, contradicted resilience. From the early points of my rule, I endeavored to implement changes by destroying Protestant places of worship and schools and by permitting Catholic viciousness against the Protestant people group. In 1685 I had also renounced the Edict of Nantes and restricted Protestant love. After that, around 200,000 Huguenots fled France instead of changing over to Catholicism. They resettled all around the world, however most went to Holland and England, where they were welcomed as saints. The loss of numerous very gainful subjects discouraged the French economy. On the domestic front, I fortified the central government’s control over the various areas of France, consolidating my regional additions into a unified state. Then again, I had also incited discussion when I reestablished Catholic religious solidarity by disavowing the Edict of Nantes and subduing Protestantism. Lamentably, a significant number of my strategies, both local and outside, made incredible hardship conventional individuals, a large number of whom endured starvation, fled their country, or lived in dread of mistreatment. Take my lead as a wakeup call; the issues that emerge from the absence of social and religious resilience and the negative impacts of absolutism have quite a significant effect. Warm Wishes,  King Louis XIV 

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