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James Madison wrote this paper comparing the State and Federal governments. He wrote this paper comparing what they shared, what their differences were, and if there were any advantages in certain areas in the State and Federal governments. Madison bundles together arguments in hopes to grab the attention of American citizens that the State has a better chance of winning the support from the people, rather than the Federal government. He claimed this as an advantage in the favor of the State. State officials seem to have more of a connection with voters because they deal with predicaments that directly impact their lives. Madison says that people in Congress will lean more towards the States in which they reside in, just as State officials will. With that, it creates issues of course because it is all being determined under biased opinions. Madison follows that with the State coming together to go against the Federal government. This would then cause major conflicts because State governments begin to go against the Federal government most likely resulting in riots and attacks against the Federal government.            Overall, Madison speaks mainly about the advantages that the Sate has over the Federal government. Which to me, makes total sense because there are fifty states and one Federal government. At some point, something has to be changed to better benefit the people because the ultimate goal is to avoid conflict within the U.S. As well as, have some positive connection between all governments. Most people believe Madison wrote this paper to start conflict within the governments and to disobey the Constitution. Ultimately, he was trying to show everyone that the State government does in fact have more power than the Federal government. I believe this will always be an issue because of what everyone likes and dislikes. You will have people that agree with the State and not with the Federal government, vice versa. Until American citizens and all governments can actually come up with legit compromises, conflicts will always come about. The way they are handed will be what keeps the U.S. whole.  

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