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Jaelyn Collins11/30/17Pd. 6Photographer Essay- Annie LeibovitzMy most inspirational photographer is Annie Leibovitz.  She is one of the well known portrait photographer sand previously worked for Rolling Stone.  Her style is bold colors and poses to make her pictures stand out.  Leibovitz was born in in Waterbury, Connecticut on October 2, 1949.  Before becoming a famous photographer, Leibovitz had planned to become an art teacher.  Originally, she enrolled in the San Francisco Art Institute for this reason.  During her second semester of sophomore year in college,  Leibovitz changed her major. She realized her passion for photography through a photography workshop offered in her college.   She was hugely influenced by two photographers, Robert Frank and Henri Carter-Bresson.  She further bettered her skills in the art whilst staying on a farm (kibbutz) in Israel. Soon she was hired at Rolling Stone, later becoming their chief photographer and later becoming the first chief photographer for Vanity Fair, increasing her pay as well as her creative freedom.  Though her partner Susan Sontag had not inspired Leibovitz to become a photographer, she constantly and continuously encouraged and supported her to better herself until she died in 2004.Leibovitz’s style is unique compared to many artists.  Not only is the style uncommon and distinct, but she also risks her safety for a good shot.  Her technique is using bold colors and “interesting” poses to make her work pop.  Through this, she is able to enhance and define characteristics of her subjects.  She utilizes details typically ignored by others to her advantage, giving off a more unique perspective on her main focus within a picture.  Sontag, being a well known, professional photography and media critic contributed to Leibovitz style- now showing signs of seriousness and intellect.  I think her photographs are beautiful and unique.  It draws my attention because of these reasons.  I like the way her subjects are portrayed and give off emotions.This photographer inspires me because of her skill and success.  I feel that though she may have become popular and her photographs are outstanding, it came with time and practice.  Currently, I don’t consider myself a good photographer, because I’m lazy and I get distracted easily.  But this won’t stop me from achieving my dreams.  Likewise, she encountered many hardships yet persevered and that’s what I aspire to achieve.  If I were to become a professional photographer,  I would like to be one that specializes in portrait photography like Annie Leibovitz.  I love capturing emotions of people and I feel most comfortable working with people, because they’re easier to control and position so I can get the right effect I want.  But there’s also the chance to get off guard pictures which also tend to look natural and my favorite.  Unlike pictures of nature and animals which are harder to control and can sometimes be more frustrating to capture, portrait photography gives you a lot of control.  This has affected me as a photographer by giving me new ideas and examples of extraordinary works of art that are popular among the people.*Reminder that I have an extension because I need to take good portraits of people :)Bibliography”Annie Leibovitz.”, A Networks Television, 8 Jan. 2016,”Annie Leibovitz.” PBS, Public Broadcasting Service, 26 Aug. 2015,”Annie Leibovitz Biography, Art, and Analysis of Works.” The Art Story,

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