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Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson did something that no one even dared to do, and it was as simple as being part of Major League Baseball. He did something that would change history as everyone saw the first African-American playing with the Brooklyn Dodgers, playing with a lot of white men in the major league. His actions were something by which everyone was affected. When he broke the color barrier, he faced some the most racist segregation laws. Jackie Robinson born on January 31, 1919, Georgia (Swaine 1).  Mack Robinson, Edgar Robinson, Frank Robinson, are his brothers and his has one sister, Willa Mae Robinson (Swaine 5). Father Jerry Robinson, and mother Mallie Robinson are a part of his family.The University of California, and Pasadena city college is where Jackie Robinson went to school before UCLA (Swaine). He was also a face of the Civil Rights Movement. Jackie Robinson came into the army in 1942, he was commissioned as lieutenant in 1943 (Swaine 1). He was one the best baseball players to step foot on the field. During his years with the Dodgers, Jackie Robinson kept his word to Ricky and dealt with abuse and dealt with the violence (Foner and Garraty, 5). Jackie Robinson helped with the Civil Rights Movement fought and racism (Swaine 1). “Jackie robinson set into motion the civil rights movement and began to make big impact” (Swaine 3). World War II was also involved around this time and “so due to those situations Jackie did not play his first major league game till he was 28 years old,” also his major career was only ten years (Swaine 3). “Backs started to take stands against white people, and the how things were being done in America to the blacks in United States (Swaine 2). The end results of what Jackie Robinson did was that, people started to change throughout the world because of one man doing what he loved. African-Americans are now starting to come into the league a lot more and now there are many people of color playing all major sports. Jackie Robinson is viewed as one the most memorable baseball players to play the game (Swaine 2). The issue about letting African-Americans play has been resolved all around the world now there are people of color playing baseball and sticking up for what they believe in and love (Swaine 1). “Many people around the world do not even think about the impact that Jackie had not only in baseball but in life it’s self”( Swaine 1). Jackie did not die because of all the problems he dealt such as racism and segregation (Swaine 3). Jackie Robinson went to play nine more professional seasons after that and ended up retiring and dying an old man cause of an heart attack ( Swaine 3). At that time the age of fifty three was common for people to die (Swaine 4). “The legacy Jackie left behind was, that no matter through all the troubles and through all the punishment you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it, that if you just ignore the noise and block out the “haters” then you could do really good in your profession” (Swaine 5). Jackie Robinson stood up against and helped with injustice, and being bullied by not doing a single thing. He did not react to all the violent things that happen or the cruel things that were said about him and toward him (Swaine 1). Jackie was not like every other person he had the guts to step into the arena to play ball with a bunch of white men. The world did not like the fact that he was doing that but all the blacks were standing up and speaking out and gathering behind the fact that they will have the chance to possible play professional baseball or any professional sports. If they just were good enough or brave enough to play professional baseball with a bunch of white men. Jackie Robinson proved that their race seems to be more athletic than most whites. Jackie Robinson was one who could withstand anything thrown his way even tho early on in his career and in life he would respond by attacking people and saying things back (Swaine 3). Jackie Robinson in the Major League Baseball and in life was a very great person, he knew how to be in times and knew what to say and when to say it and to whom he says it, too (Swaine 1). Jackie Robinson knew that if he were to say anything about, is position or which one he wants to play then people then would have said the color ball player how he does not know his place and he thinks he can “steal” someone else’s spot on the team. People would have tried to say he should not be playing because he thinks he’s better than the boys who are the team and he does not know his place as a negro ballplayer. He should not be playing with white men and should be in the negro baseball league . “The first black player in Organized Baseball was a sign of things to happen” (Mary Lynch 4). In front of thousands of people Jackie made four hits and scored four times to give Montreal a victory. After hitting on his time first at bat he hit a homer over the left field wall in the third inning (Mary Lynch).In the fifth inning he got on base, stole second, and made a play to take third when teammate hit a grounder to the third baseman. Jackie Robinson implies that if people just hate simple because the person next to them hates you then you should smile in that resolve of people could easily be changed or to that people just want to be part of a group.

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