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It’s a
brand new Year – What New Diet Trends To Look Out For

It’s that time again people…that time we do away with
practices we now consider old since we just got into a brand new year. What’s
more volatile and prone to change than diet trends these days? Bet you can’t
think of much that can top this particular thing.

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That being said, this piece aims to discuss and inform you
of some upcoming dietary trends that are sure to be taking the global dietary
scene by storm in this New Year. Have your smoothie with you people…or soup,
it’s going to be nice read this!

A brief
look at the past trends

Before we get into the New Year, I imagine it would be
imperative to highlight some of the trends that featured highly in the past
year or two. For those really into keeping up with dietary trends, you may have
known of some if not all of the ones I’m about to discuss and have your own
opinion on them.

In this segment, I’ll highlight a few trends that I’m
positive should not be carried on into this New Year. Let’s get started:


Something I personally could not believe
became a thing for many people around the world. Intermittent fasting was a
hoax based on non-scientific facts which claimed that this process could aid
the body in retaining more fat without the need for more caloric intake.

avocado with less fat

Another thing I found particularly useless
in the past year. Leading scientists were actually against it terming it
‘unnecessary’ to which I completely agree with. Avocado is known to provide
healthy fats that aid in maintaining proper heart health.

A diet
with no gluten

I can’t blame people for this one really.
This is because the term ‘gluten free’ was thrown around so much virtually on
all media by people who don’t really understand what it is (so called
socialites). Gluten is a naturally occurring protein found in wheat and other
grain in its family. Completely discarding it doesn’t mean a better lifestyle,
plus to this moment no scientific proof exists to prove a gluten free diet is
the way to go.


Which insisted on taking more meats and doing
away with other nutrient sources like legumes or grains. This can actually
prove harmful to your health as a proper balance of all foods is important for
a healthy life. So don’t believe this at all.


I’m sure anyone reading this may have their opinions on the
above part, but I also had to have my say on them. Let’s carry on to what I
wanted to really discuss…New trends in 2018.




Diet Trends
popping up in 2018

Here I’ll gloss over some of the upcoming trends that have
recently gained traction in the dieting world.


Fried foods are something many dieters tend
to very much avoid as they believe it would go a long way in ruining their
dietary plans and goals. Lucky for them, this has been made available. Air
frying uses at most a tablespoon or two to fry whatever food you want done and
as such you can be guaranteed of having a well regulated fat intake.


A trend that honestly came about a bit last
year, opting for plant based protein has really started to gain traction and is
sure to be a big thing this year. Loads of recipes involving vegetable protein
have been going around and they guarantee the taste of good food. Some are even
made to mimic the taste of meat for those trying to completely wean of meats.


A topic that has been going around in the
health sector for quite a while, probiotics seems to be finally catching the
attention it deserves. Probiotics are virtually ‘good bacteria’ that are very
useful and active in maintain the health of your gut as well as improving your
immune system. And aside from yogurt, some plant based probiotics are coming up
in the market as well.


Also made with the aim of maintaining
proper gut health, fermented foods have been on a rapid uptake as of recently.
Such foods include miso popularized by the Japanese as well as kimchi which is
an essential part of Korean cuisine. But we live in a world where culture is
diffused so easily between different nations so we can get to enjoy these foods
as well.

Full fat Dairy

Yes people! This is real. It’s time to do
away with all these various fat-regulated dairy products. Whole milk, and
cheese should now become part of your diet…in moderation of course. Full fat
dairy has been linked to studies that indicate they have the power to ward off
cancer, so yeah. I’m all up for this one people.


Not particularly a new concept for those
who know their stuff. But this year it has picked up a whole lot more noise and
is expected to get even bigger. They’re a pretty simple and healthy alternative
to the real alcoholic beverage which ‘gifts’ you extra calories and possibly a
hangover depending on how many you have.


This by far looks to be the most interesting
to have come up this year. Ingesting flowers is going to become a thing people!
They’ll mainly be available infused in various refreshment drinks as well as
water. They do come with their benefits too so it’s sure not to be a waste of



Above we’ve taken a look at some of the biggest diet trends
to come up so far in the New Year. Whether they’ll really pick up and remain
steady all through remains to be seen. Whether we get to see newer and more
interesting trends also remains to be seen. It’s also important to integrate a
healthy amount of workouts in conjunction with the dieting. Happy dieting





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