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Christmas Traditions

has many Christmas traditions. Some are very similar to the traditions we
practice in America, and some are completely different. The differences in
traditions are what make them unique and special to Italy. Italians put a lot
of emphasis on spending time with family and friends. I think that is the
perfect foundation for any celebration.

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Italy, the Christmas season begins on December 17th and ends on
January 6th. During these three weeks of celebration, the children
wait for Befana the kind ugly witch who rides on her broomstick and delivers them
presents. The people of Italy open their gifts on January 6th.
Christmas Day is reserved for attending church, fellowship with family, and
feasting on delicious food. A popular holiday treat in Italy is panettone which
is bread with candied fruits baked inside. Children go from home to home
singing and reciting Christmas carols and poems. Along with children, shepherds
come through the towns playing bagpipes and singing carols.

my family, we start listening to Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving. We
celebrate Christmas on December 24th and the 25th. We open
our presents on Christmas Eve. We spend Christmas Eve and Day with family and
friends. When we go to spend he holidays in Wisconsin with our relatives we
spend a day decorating Christmas cookies. Sometimes we go with our church to a
retirement home and sing carols. And the years we are not in Wisconsin for the
holidays, we go to the candle light service at our church. Every year we look
forward to the Christmas season.

traditions are unique and special to different cultures. Digging deeper and
exploring different traditions is a fun way to discover how other people
celebrate. Some people decide to make new traditions through these interesting
discoveries. No matter where you are or who you’re with, spending the holidays
in fellowship with one another seems to be a common theme around the world. That
is always my favorite tradition.

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