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It has been 3 years ago the roller coaster of Directioners causes one member of One Direction was leaving. This one crisis led to One Direction or known as 1D composed of Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik also Louis Tomlinson basically a pop boy band based in London. Before the Directioners become a big fan of them, they’re just from an X Factor competition that seemed have a great talent and internationally succeed with social media and end up with five talented boys in one frame. At 2011, One Direction starts to release their first single which One Thing that been attracted many audiences particularly girls. As the number of directioners increases, so does the One Direction released more songs such as What Makes You Beautiful that been the highest entry in British which leads from their debut album. Next, the Story of My Life and album until the fourth album of 1D was made, the last before they were officially split up they officially released their fourth album while the On The Road Again Tour was currently going. Basically how we defining a crisis is often misused and misunderstand because of the same definition with a problem, these researchers Thierry C. Pauchant and Ian I says that a crisis is “a disruption that physically affects a system as a whole  and threatens its basic assumptions, its subjective sense of self and its existential core”. Precisely on the March 2015, the tragedy happened after Zayn was attending Japan’s tour which after that 1D should heading to Indonesia to continuing their world tour. According to the crisis and communication theory based on David W. Guth and Charles Marsh, “it became the first step of Crisis Dynamics which is a warning stage, is usually the signs of trouble.” Never mind that this would happen to this gangs’, at first we can see that any talk shows, advertisements, music venue were always inviting One Direction as their artists to be more being known and One Direction is one of boyband that wins its brand promotion and been called as the first boy band with a successful commercial. One Direction also created their up close and personal documentary stories “This is Us” that they already started from the bottom until now to become a boy band. Throughout the year, One Direction never stops been involved to various Talk Shows or been creating a content, lots of unique memories that 1D made such dance that they used to do which become an icon of the member of One Direction.Of course, two years ago become a full of memories, which the second stage of a crisis is the point of no return it exactly happens when Zayn speaks up and give his official statement and the group also went on indefinite after a few months which eventually take a break and gone to a new phase of life. At this stage, some damage will be done and the public’s critical to the success of the organization first become aware of the crisis, they unconsciously watching very closely. as we know that, after 1D releasing their fourth album, Directioner was watching very closely in every One Direction news entertainment especially giving any rumor and shaping their own perception and opinion. The audiences said that the reason of this breaks up that it causes the name of the album itself which means to a fourth member in real life. It’s actually one of the hardest thing for Directioners It happens exactly after the concert that been held in Jakarta that showed Zayn didn’t more follow the Road Again Tour. Which his last tour that he announces he directly took that decisions which should go back to his hometown to meet Perrie for any reason, no longer from that, a few months later he eventually broke up with Perrie Edwards end up releasing his new album which collaborated with Naughty Boy. “At the same time, many people operate under a false assumption that crises and their consequences are unavoidable. It’s tak disangka damaging for the directioners, at some point, the audiences especially in Jakarta that already been waiting for a long time to watch his/her favorite band or person. In addition, it also makes Louis as the fatherhood of 1D gets mad and did an embroiled in Twitter when Zayn posts a picture with him and give some mean tweets to them. Used to be a part of One Direction, this one also becomes a highlight of the year of 2015, when Louis and Zayn were doing a mean tweet because he thinks that Naughty has taken over Zayn’s sort of kinds of music and shifting into an R&B genre. The comments that leavin’ by Louis was extremely mean and Zayn also replying his tweet end up embroiling each other in another Twitter spat.While, after all these things happen, it stepping to the next phase called cleanup phase, in this step people that being involved were still trying to deal with the crisis and its aftermath, the recovery and investigation still exist which makes each member of 1D was realizing the 5 years that they’ve done they already 1D has a great career consistently and now it’s the time to take a break and developing their career individually. It starts a few months from mid-2015 after they releasing their latest album called Perfect and persona of 1D was disappeared until one of the members was distribute his first single called This Town. The youngest member in 1D has released his own songs called This Town that exactly a year ago, it surprisingly good which attracted lots of audiences especially Directioners. This own career that built by himself, it outstandingly made the other of the member were being inspired such Harry Styles, Liam Payne also Louis as the one who used to berantem with Zayn. We’ve seen that how the band actually began, its processes, even the succeeded works and eventually they’re no longer in one group. Even though the vibes of Zayn wasn’t with them anymore but One Direction was still gonna continue their boy band career in created their latest album which followed by their debut single which some of them is Drag Me Down, Perfect, History and Infinity. However, this will never be a normal again after each member was gone to follow their own phase of life which could have a positive impact on themselves. The theory says that “The crisis dynamics model implies that is a cyclical process in which we automatically move from one crisis to another” (p.388), which it takes time to evaluate its performance and apply the lessons that have learned. Unconsciously it would take long times which also could bring the opportunity to the person or each member itself after the case was totally done. Let’s say by the following process we heading to the final stage of crisis when things return to bring an opportunity for the last four members. According to Gerald C. Meyers says that “there’s a window of opportunity that opens during the warning and point of no return stages of crisis” (chapter 12, p.390). As we notice, by taking a break the persona of the band, people may think it would affect their career in further, but it won’t happen for this one. What they already made has still become great works that always being appreciated by Directioners. And I think this gonna be a great time to appeal their other talents they had, based on the success of Niall and Harry they’ve already created an upcoming tour that will be across Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and much more that would be extended until 2018. While for the both, Liam and Louis were also creating their own songs and Louis’ dream which had a collaboration with Steve Aoki and Bebe Rexa in form of EDM music sorts. Throughout this, we can …. See that in the short term of the year, even though they were separated and would not in one group either their career will be ongoing like its before, all of them was in the same type of career which remains that we’ve to know them a lot before they’re now, it more likely seem like the success metrics that they’ve done better. Change it accelerated, a crisis is often happens to anyone and anytime that they want, but we as the person yang ditimpa crisis we had to change the way of people think then we can easily be learned from the previous problems are faced, for instance for 1D they can easy to ignore another coming problem because either they already learned from the previous problems before or they have no choice to tackle these problems further. On the other hand, few problems that been faced could change person’s personality which has dramatically demonstrated by the societies. According to this case, at this time they were still lit in the individual phase of life while if they would get back together either it would change the position of this boy band, either they will never going back together or they could like they used to.

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