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It was a late rainy night when my mother
received a phone call that would forever change our lives. Holding the phone
firmly against her ear, my mother began to cry uncontrollably. Tears began to
roll down my cheeks as I began to understand the immensity of that unexpected
call. My grandfather, the man who has always taught us to always follow our
dreams and to never give up no matter the circumstances has passed away due to
the cholera outbreak that occurred in Haiti in 2010 several months after the
devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake.

Growing up in a Haitian household, I was
taught to always contribute to community whether that is in Haiti or the United
States. I was taught by a village of strong woman on how to be a strong woman and
to always care for others. Having the opportunity to spend my summers in Haiti
I will forever be grateful to the many blessings around us in the United States
where health care is a right, which is a constant reminder, those in developing
countries have to struggle to have access to healthcare. Being in Haiti, I was
able to connect, empathize and relate to others. Their joy became my joy and
their pain became my pain. In Haiti, I have seen first hand how children,
family and friends are dying because of the perpetual cycle of ineffective
healthcare systems and many people in the grips of many avoidable and treatable
conditions compounded by the lack of access to education, healthcare services,
healthy living standards and compassionate care. Losing my grandfather and
other loved ones during the cholera outbreak has not only led me to ask many
questions but also made me determined to enter a field where I can have a
positive impact to reduce health disparities not only in Haiti but all over the

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During my undergraduate years, my advisor
Dr. Wadajo continuously challenged me to develop myself further. With Dr.Wadajo,
I’ve attended many seminars and met with public health leaders, which confirmed
my growing interest in Public Health. Within the dynamic field of public
health, Global Health and Epidemiology stood out to me the most. Global health
and epidemiology is fascinating to me because both examines how the occurrence
of diseases is impacted by a number diverse factor and it will allow me to
combine my strength in analysis and my interest in finding solutions. My career
goal after obtaining my MPH degree is to work for a non-profit organization
whether it’s local or international that provide access to healthcare in
underdeveloped countries. A joint concentration in Global Health and Epidemiology
will give me a chance to impact different populations and communities
simultaneously whether it’s in the United States or in different countries so
that I can help rebuild the health disparities that communities and countries
are facing.

Through a master of public health
program, I want to gain a comprehensive understanding of public health, research
and practice and Saint Louis University College for Public Health and Social Justice
Global health and Epidemiology concentration is the perfect program for me. SLU
College for public Health and Social Justice will equip me with the requisite
tools to conduct quality, relevant research that focuses on Public Health a
field that I have passion for. I welcome that challenge for serving a large
community and participating in such a dynamic and challenging field so that I
can contribute to the betterment of our communities.

What attracted me most about your program
was the wide scope of training, ample research and internship opportunities. Being
fluent in both English and Haitian Creole and constantly traveling to Haiti, I
believe I have the capacity to relate to communities from diverse cultural
backgrounds and possess the academic ability that will enable me to excel at
the program. I am positive that earning my MPH degree at Saint Louis University
College for Public Health and Social Justice will be a major contribution to my
future goals and career. Thank you for considering my application.




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