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It is profoundly incontrovertible
that the obliteration of human inequality and unfreedom, as well as the
antithetic realisation of equality and emancipation are thematically central to?in
fact, they are seemingly the terminus a
quo and terminus ad quem of?the Weltanschauung of Marxism. Yet Marxist critiques
of the capitalist mode of production?and, capitalism in general?have been met
as much with disdain as with laudation. For some, Marx’s greatest strength lies
in his theorisation of capitalist proclivities to engender annihilation,
tyranny, inequality, and human isolation, thus serving as a plausible moral
manifesto?and elixir?for humanity. For others, on the contrary, Marx’s
audacious prediction about the ineluctable demise of capitalism?and the
concomitant withering of the state which ushers in a stateless communist utopia?is
his manifest weakness, not least because capitalism is increasingly wielding
power and has yet to breakdown with the pervasive dominance of specific
neoliberal institutions?the IMF, World Bank, and WTO, for example?which
emphasise economic restructuring founded on capitalist tinge.

It is amidst the massive enfilade
and panorama of contentions?or, as it were, polarisations?that this research paper
seeks to painstakingly assess Marx’s idealisations with a view to deciphering the
inherently laden fortes and feebleness?and, by extension, the possibilities and
limits?of his economic as well as political presuppositions. To accomplish this
primary telos?and, in large part, for
the purposes of analytical-cum-orthogonal lucidity given the immense succinctness
of this research paper?I have divided my analyses
into three vitally significant sections. In the first section, I examine the supposed
dissection and partitioning of the substructure (base) from the superstructure that
seem to be quintessentially integral to Marx’s discourse; in the second, I scrupulously
interrogate Marx’s celebrated labour theory of value which appears to be, as I
seem to understand, the groundwork?or mainstay?of
his critique of capitalist political economy. And, in the last section of this
research paper, I systematically assess his communist utopianism and its consequent
misunderstanding?and misappropriations?in the practical sphere of politics. 

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