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Ithas been found that, objectives are important tools for strategic planning inmarket industry (Karami, 2016). My goals and objectives for my clinicalpractice will include:·     Gaininga good understanding and be an advocate for the community that I serve. ·     Performinga good history and physical of women by incorporating ethical, social, anddiversity perspectives in order to provide a culturally competent health care.·     Applyingmy medical knowledge to provide exceptional patient experience.·     Providinggood quality of care to all insured and noninsured patients.

            First of all, my target populationwould be mostly women with gynecologic and obstetrics needs. My overallmarketing strategy focus is “Grow a healthy OB-GYN practice” that emphasizes onvisibility, growth, reputation, and insights. I will start up with visibility,which I plan to create a exceptional website and professional profiles so thatthe potential patients can have a little insight of the staff background.Secondly, patients will be attracted and retained to the clinics with remaindersof their appointments by either a quick call phone, text, or via email.Besides, online appointment booking or reminders will be available. Keeping thepractice reputation is a must. One way to keep up with competitors is by makinga great impression through constructive reviews available on the clinicswebsite and on top reviews sited as well.

As a result, I will be able to getinstant insights into the success of my efforts in one easy to understandingdashboard. These above listed strategies will help the practice thrive bycombining the tools needed to attract new patients, modernize our patientsexperience, as well as streamline the front office. Social media, includingFacebook, twitter, instagram, is considered as great addition to the practicein terms of advertisement strategies.

            A variety of services involvingwomen’s health will be offered, which include the following:·     Prenatalcare- starting from antenatal care until delivery of the baby. For instance,our goal is not limited to preventive healthcare and potential health problemthroughout the pregnancy but also promoting healthy behavior or lifestyles.·     Infertilityservices- providing genetic counseling and assisting patients to becomeparents.·     Contraceptiveservices- educating patients about variety of contraceptive methods and helpingpatients choose what best for them and when they want to have kids.·     Inpatientsonography- more affordable and in conjunction with both obstetrics andgynecologic appointments.·     Performingscreening tests as preventive measures and treat patients accordingly.·     Performingminimal invasive procedures as preventive measures or increases quality of lifewhile reducing comorbidity.             My pricing will be based onsustainability in order to set the most effective price for my practice,patients, and the healthcare industry.

A good understanding and knowledge ofthe true value and market cost of all types of payment structures will help medetermine the most effective price for my practice. I Will manage pricing byincreasing and potentially decreases in a way that would help me maintain andgrow my practice. I will also keep my prices not too high neither too low in orderfor my prices make sense to my patients. In addition, I will make sure that theservices that I provide have a positive impact on the practice and provide theservice my patients will expect. My location of choice is rural. Why pick rurallocation to open an Ob-Gyn clinics?             Rural women are known to experiencepoorer health outcomes, have less access to healthcare, and have limitednumbers of health care providers. As a future ob-gynecologist and advocate forreducing health disparities, I believe these women are kind of left behind.With that being said, research shows that rural women’s health and outcomes arevery poor (Committee Opinion, 2014, February).

They experience higher rates ofhospitalizations with complications during pregnancy, poor health status,unintentional injury and motor vehicle-related deaths. Thus, access to healthcare for rural women is complicated by patient factors as well as to thoserelated to the delivery of care and limited number of physicians (CommitteeOpinion, 2014, February).            Some effective strategies I will useto promote my clinical practice are the following: ·     Havingan exceptional professional website, an excellent written blog, the use ofsocial media such as Facebook, twitter, and instagram. ·     Beingproactive in the community by participating in health fairs and other localevents such as charity.

·     Providinghigh quality services that are expected by the patients.·     Goodcustomer services to improve satisfaction·     Sendingbirthday cards and thank you notes to my patients.Allin all, my goal is to strive for excellence by providing comprehensive, compassionate,and individualized care to women within a warm, serene, and nurturing environment. 

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