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“It is written by a butterfly for butterflies. It has a philosophy that we should treat all trivial things seriously, and the serious things in life with sincere and studied triviality.” This statement by Oscar Wilde exemplifies the motif of the frivolous being significant and vise versa.The play Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde is centered around making a mockery of the 1900’s British societal norms. In this play, there is an emphasis on the importance of the trivial things in life such as cucumber sandwiches, muffins, and paying less attention to critical issues such as the death of bunbury,the misconception of Earnest being dead, and misplacing the handbag containing the baby. Here in the Importance of Being Earnest  we explore the communal criterion of British etiquette, Wilde’s exaggerations on characters responses to conflicts in the story, whether it be exceedingly imprudent, or not rash at all, gives an insight as to common values and beliefs of that time. Cucumber Sandwiches, in the play, there is a feud between Jack and Algernon regarding gluttony of cucumber sandwiches which were meant for Lady Bracknell, which were consumed by Algernon. What may seem to be a minor issue, Jack and Algernon fought back and forth, bickering trying to justify their actions, over consumption of cucumber sandwiches, or condemning the behavior.Algernon says “Please don’t touch the cucumber sandwiches. They are ordered especially for Aunt Augusta.” and immediately eats one. Being very cynical, Jack questions Algernon as to why he cannot eat any, criticizing Algernon for being hypocritical. Algernon then replies saying that ” That is Quite a different matter. She is my aunt.” (Act 1 page 17)  Oscar Wilde added this scene to the play to show that a number amount of people live an extensively lavish life.They dine with elaborate table decor and utensils, drink the finest champagne and eat delectable foods but pay little to no attention to the concerning affairs that would typically need time to address. In the play, there lived an imaginary character named Earnest. In the country, people know Earnest as Jack’s brother who lives in the city.In the city, Jack goes by the name of Earnest to escape the restrictions of society while still retaining his face. Jack informed Algernon about his recent bunburying after being trapped in the several lies of his true identity. Jack later informs him that he will fake the death of Earnest so that he can no longer give the false impression. Jack later goes to the Country to notify Ms. Prism, Mr. Chasuble, and Cecily of Earnest death. Little did he know that Algernon ventured to the country and introduced himself to the three by the name of Earnest. Mrs. Prism, Dr. Chasuble, and Cecily clarified that Earnest has not died, in fact he was just in their presence not long before. Jack arrives in all black to bear the news, Cecily then says “What is the matter, Uncle Jack? Dolook happy! You look as if you had a toothache, and I have got such a surprise for you. Who do you think is in the dining-room, your brother!.”(Act 2 page 34) Jack was caught off guard with her words, and exclaimed that he does not have a brother. Algernon  enters the room and glad tidings showered upon Cecily, Ms.Prims and Mr.Chasuble, completely disregarding the fact that Algernon may be giving a false impression of his Identity.Oscar Wilde centered the play around the theme of making a triviality from a serious matter, and vise versa. “Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about it.” This ideology was a common lifestyle in the British society at the time. Oscar Wilde included this theme for the audience to understand and relate to the characters on a personal level.

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