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It is very common that teenagers die due to drinking and driving. Most teens admit that they drive while they are wasted. If you take the chance of drunk driving 80% is that you will not get home safe, that means you can get into a car accident or you can even die. If you are in a car with a drunk driver that can also cause death, even as the passenger in the car. Being safe is very important because if you are not you just made the worst decision of your life. As you may know, both drinking and driving at a young age is illegal. You can start driving when you get your permit at about 16-18 years old and you can start drinking when you turn 21.     In the novel Forged by Fire by Sharon Draper, there was an accident with four best friends that were drunk. One of the teens risked his friends’ lives by driving while he was drunk and the consequences of his actions were severe. Andy was really drunk because he had wanted to take his boys out and have fun together. While they were on their way to a party after their pregame, they got into a car crash. The driver, Andy, and his two friends, Tyrone and BJ, made it out of the vehicle before it burst into flames but their friend, Rob, was trapped in the car and died when it exploded. If Andy hadn’t been drinking and decided to drive that night, Rob would still be alive, but unfortunately, that’s not how the story went. When the main character, Gerald, heard that Rob died, Gerald asked himself why he was still alive and Rob wasn’t. Rob had everything anyone could ask for, big house, nice parents, literally everything. But Gerald lived in a very small apartment, didn’t have good parents at all, wasn’t rich and he has to be a parent to his younger sister. Gerald was really mad for the rest of the time being, but he went to the Washington’s house, Rob’s house, to comfort them after their son has past.     This part of Forged by Fire, by Sharon Draper, relates to Drinking and Driving for Teenagers. The novel relates because there is a possible chance that someone would get killed or hurt when someone is driving drunk so don’t get surprised. Rob died because the drunk driver, Andy, was driving when he wasn’t suppose to.He chose the wrong choice and he got hurt. That is why if you are in a car with a drunk driver anything could possibly happen. Take a taxi or a bus if you want to be safe because you are drunk.     In order to be safe you have to find another transportation to get home, or if you have a friend with you that is NOT drunk he /she can drive you home. Don’t drink and then get in your car and start the engine thinking you’re going to get home safely. Not only are you putting your life on danger, but you are also putting those around you as well.

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