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It all started when I was seven. I was, at the time, in school and the teacher told the class to read a story. When told this, I thought nothing of it and just did it. It wasn’t something I enjoyed, but I didn’t necessarily dislike it either. However, once I realized that I would have to, potentially, do this continuously, I quickly grew a disdain for reading. These feelings stuck with me towards 7th grade, where it all changed. My teacher told the class that we would have to read a book and write about it, but it was, however, a book of our chose. I remember reading a book called “Oliver Nocturne” and very much so enjoying the story, to the point of not realizing time had passed. That one book managed to make my viewpoint on reading do a complete 180.However, when it came to writing, those feelings of disdain I had for reading, quickly rose for writing. To this day, I still cannot stand writing. I don’t like all of the figurative language, connotations, and hidden meanings. I don’t like having to go into detail about my feelings towards the book and/or story in question. I was fine if just thinking “I enjoyed reading this” or “I didn’t really like this”. I didn’t and still don’t like having to explain “This book was enjoyable because…….”. While it may convey how I felt, I still don’t like doing it. The reason I feel this way is because I find all tedious.All in all, my relationship with reading and writing has been an interesting one. My relationship with reading started off a bit rocky, but ended up changing after some time. All thanks to the book “Oliver Nocturne”, my interest in reading was sparked, and it even led to me finding my favorite genre to read, fantasy. However, while my relationship with reading might have changed, my relationship with writing still remains the same: I don’t like it. I still find it boring and time consuming. But, that is my relationship when it comes to reading and writing.

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