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It was all started back in 1940s and 1950s when some of the
scientist of different field (mathematics, psychology and many  more) decided to build up a artificial
intelligent machine that can think react and work like a human later on in
1950s a scientist name Alan turing published a landmark paper in which he
discuss about the possibility of creating a machine that can think and react
like human in which he also build up a small test which is known as turing test
it was a simple test in which machine could carry on a conversation that was
indistinguishable from a conversation with a human being  then we can say that the machine is able to
think as with the passage of time the AI start to get better and from 1956 to
1974 it was the golden time period of Artificial intelligence because during
this time period many programs were made like solving algebraic problems ,
proving theorems in geometry and learning to speak english

were the quite intelligent behaviour from the machine at that time but
scientist of that time think a fully intelligent machine would be build in a
less than 20 years . In japan  waseda
university introduced a fully humanoid robot in 1972 which can walk with lower
limbs and can transport  objects from one
place to another the 1970s was the first winter for Ai. AI was subject to
critiques and financial setbacks researchers couldn’t overcome problems and difficulties
which decreases the funding of AI and with the passage of time funding for AI disappeared and at the
same time the field had to shut down for almost ten years. Then later on in
1980s the Japanese company start to fund the Ai for its fifth generation
of computers project it help Ai to get boosted up moreover the even of Ai was
also held in 1980s whch also help to strong the bond of Ai with the world and
onces again Ai had achieved success.So as we move on the Ai is start to get
better like in 2002 the robot called roomba which can navigate on the floor and
avoid the obstacles in 2004 NASA introduce a robot which is used to a autonomously navigate the surface of
mars and in 2007 company named Darpa launches a urban challenge for autonomous
car  to obey the rules of road in the
urban areas and from 2011-2014  the
Apples siri Google’s Google now are some of smart app that can help the users
to interact and it uses the simple language to answers the simple questions and
can also performs some task and now finally humanoid robot is introduced named
as sophia which was activated in 2015 and made her first public appearance in
2016 it is the first robot who has given the citizenship

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