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 It was a crisp May morning on the farm. Callie was sitting on her windowsill, looking up at the gorgeous sunrise. It’s colors of pink and orange spread across the whole mountainside, making it seem like an illusion or some sort of wonderful painting.  Despite her longing to simply stare at the view, Callie trudged to the kitchen and decided to make herself some breakfast. Of course, when she opened the pantry, all she found was a few crumbs of stale bread, some leftover rice, a cup of warm blueberry juice, and lots of empty shelves.”Why can’t there ever be anything good to eat?” Callie wailed  When she heard the lazy snore of her father Callie became even angrier. Ever since last year he’d done nothing to help. Father always made her do everything. Clean the floors, water the roses, feed the chickens… Suddenly an idea popped into her head  Callie ran out the rusty door and to the side of the house. Silently, she dragged an old stove top out into view and ran toward the chicken coop. Callie opened the door, grabbed the basket, and greeted her small friends.”Hello Finley, Erika, Sal, Feather Junior”  She knelt down to pet her chickens but right then something odd happened. Instead of them coming towards her, they hissed and ran away. For most people, that would have been an everyday sort of thing, but for Callie this was unusual. All the animals on that farm were very intelligent and knew that she wouldn’t hurt them. In fact, they were sort of Callie’s friends.  She furrowed her eyebrows in question but continued on with the task at hand. Callie roamed all around the coop, counting how many eggs there were. When she was done counting the twenty-three eggs in the barn, she did lots of calculations in her mind on how many she would need and if she’d have extra.  Finally, when Callie was done with her calculations, she headed back towards the old stovetop and attempted to start it. After trying for thirty minutes, she decided that the stove was officially broken and she would have to make a fire the old fashioned way.1

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