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Israel’s national airline. Second, the purpose of hijacking is toinfluence a wider audience, not for personal criminal gain, or to evade, simplyredirecting flights to transport. On the contrary, terrorists intend toexchange hostage in the hostage-taking of Palestinian terrorists in Israel. In addition, it is the first time that a terrorist organization isworking internationally on a regular basis to leave its home country to attackforeign citizens who, in many cases, have nothing to do with their struggle topromote their political cause before the international audience. Thisencouraged other non-Palestinian organizations such as the nationalists /separatists ASALA (Armenian Liberation Armenian Army), JCAG (Armenian GenocidalJustice Commando), militants in the Free South Moroccan Youth Organization andthe German Red Army (aka Bach-Mehhhoff Group) and other leftist organizationsto “internationalize” their political struggles. Bruce Hoffmanpointed out that these organizations learned from the PFLP that they canpromote their careers simply by taking hostages of aircraft, crew andpassengers.

George Habbash, founder of the PFLP, said in an interview in 1970: “Itwas more effective than the battle to kill a hundred Israelis when we hijackeda plane.” For decades, neither world opinion nor consensus Opposition toPalestinians. It just ignored us, “he said.” Now at least the worldis talking about us. International terrorism became a serious problem in 1968 for tworeasons. The first is the failure of the Sixth War of 1967 and the devastatingdefeat caused by the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights, the West Bank andthe Sinai Peninsula against Palestinians and the Arab countries borderingIsrael. Incentives like PFLP have started to operate internationally to promotetheir cause because it has no chance of defeating Israel on the battlefield.

Second, the Latin American guerrillas, frustrated by the failure of their battlefieldsin rural areas, started the urban terrorism campaign, starting with theabduction of foreign diplomats. The main means used by all these groups ishijacking, abduction and embassy attacks, with the purpose of obtaining ransom,exchange of ransom and imprisonment for the exchange of hostages and / or safepassage from the crime scene. This terrorist extortion forced the government torespond accordingly.Although terrorist acts kill relatively few people at this time, thispropaganda stunt exerts tremendous pressure on the government because the wrongdecisions during the hostage crisis can have catastrophic consequences and mayput the blame on Government court. One example is Germany’s response to theattacks by Israeli athletes at the Olympic Games held in Munich on September 5,1972, in which 11 Israeli athletes (who died in confrontation with eightPalestinian blacks in September) died. The West German government was not theprimary target of the attack. The crime scene was on German soil and thegovernment was forced to take action in an attempt to rescue it.

This not onlygives the Germans an eye-opener, but also many other governments realize howinadequate they are. As a result, some countries have developed elite rapidresponse hostage rescue teams. In short, during this period, the government’santi-terrorist efforts were mainly aimed at hijacking international flights,taking hostages and plundering embassies. At that time, the main purpose ofterrorists was not to kill people but to raise their concerns for the cause bycracking down on the media and blackmailing the government to accept theirpolitical demands before television viewers around the world.

Over time, the nature of international terrorism has changed andanti-terrorism has also changed. It appears that terrorists are no longer usinghostage-taking or hijacking as the primary means of achieving their goals.These instruments have had less success in achieving the main political goalsof terrorism. Palestinian militants soon realized that hostage-taking andhostage-taking were just a nuisance to the government. The new organization,such as Hamas, has resorted to more deadly means, such as suicide bombings,aimed at achieving at least the same level of strategic success that has beenachieved by the LTTE and Tamil Nadu through the use of suicide strategies.Al-Qaida has also started to attack the United States, targeting large-scalecasualties of terrorism since the 1990s, culminating in a dramatic attack onSeptember 11. In 1995, Saints Aum Shinrikyo, a Japanese religious follower,attacked the Tokyo subway system apparently to cause mass casualties.

Terrorismhas evolved into a more lethal and indiscriminate form of war and seems morereligiously motivated. This once again puts governments in trouble and makes astrong response to an enemy who does not fully understand.

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