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Israeli Prime Minister
Netanyahu’s visit to India is not to focus on economic issues: It will be
crucial to showcase his leadership

Benjamin Netanyahu is the very first Israeli Prime Minister
in 15 years to come to India but he comes at a time when
his political standing is at the weakest in his three-decade-long occupation.
According to the record, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s browse through to
India is expected to focus on economic concerns and also Palestine will
certainly not be the main part of conversations with Prime Minister Narendra

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The record additionally stated, “Like Modi’s see to
Israel last July, this trip will certainly focus extra on economic and also
technological participation and growth compared to on regional problems,”
the Jerusalem Blog post stated as the Netanyahu came to be the initial Israeli
Prime Minister to go to New Delhi after 2003. The mutual browse through
highlighted “the toughness of the connection in between both nations”,
the Article claimed. The daily claimed this did not mean that geopolitical
problems would not be discussed.

Modi is anticipated to see the Palestinian Authority next
month as component of a journey that will certainly additionally take him to
the UAE yet this concern will not be the main component of Netanyahu’s
conversations. The grand welcome afforded to him by Prime Minister Narendra
Modi in New Delhi might not signal this, however onlookers in Tel Aviv would
certainly be carefully watching the takeaways from the check out beyond the

Just a few days earlier, the Israeli PM had discovered
himself embroiled in a fresh scandal as an explosive audio recording of his son
Yair Netanyahu dripped. In the clip, he was boasting about exactly how his father
pressed through a $20 billion gas offer to the advantage of gas mogul Kobi

Netanyahu is already under examination in 2 unassociated
criminal situations, which involve allegations of bribery, fraudulence and
violation of trust. Netanyahu rejected any misbehavior. In a statement, the
household said Yair was just joking “The PM has no connection with Kobi
Maimon, which he fulfilled just as soon as concerning 10 years earlier. The PM
caused the gas protocols since he wanted to encourage competitors to the Tamar
gas field under the possession of Kobi Maimon,” the household
representative said.

On January 15, the Israeli PM will check out Ahmedabad,
Mumbai, Agra and meet with the Indo-Israeli Chief Executive Officer forum in
New Delhi dealing with a separate company occasion and deliver a speech at the
Raisina Discussion. Additionally, Mr Netanyahut will certainly likewise consult
with the President Ram NathKovind the following day.

The Israeli side has discouraged India’s stand-in UNSC
concerning the America’s step to transfer its consular office from Tel Aviv to
Jerusalem. Daniel Carmon, the Israel ambassador to India claimed this will
continue to be a very discreet dialogue however will certainly not impede
bilateral relationships.

Before leaving for India, Netanyahu claimed “We are
enhancing the link between Israel and also this essential global power. This
will certainly fascinate our protection, financial, profession, and tourism,
along with other locations. This is a wonderful blessing for the State of
Israel,” he included.

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