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ISO Has Developed the Food Safety Management system
Certification  Standard, that can be
applied to any organization in the food chain,to demonstrate its ability to
control food safety hazards in order to ensure that food is safe at the time of
Human consumption. This standard guides in elimination of food hazards  from farm to fork, this provides customer safe
food. ISO 22000 standard incorporates HACCP Principles for eliminating physical,
chemical & Biological Hazards. It also employs Good manufacturing programs
in the name of Pre-requisite programs  for Eliminating the Hazard, This Approach
gives the confidence to customers on safe food consumption. ISO 22000 standard
can be applied  to the entire food chain
like farms, manufacturers, transporters ,food packaging industrie etc…


ISO 22000 Requirements:

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An organization needs to demonstrate its ability to control
food safety hazards by implementing the ISO 22000 Standard, it has to meet the
following Requirements ;

The organization shall
establish,document,implement & mainatain an effective food safety
management system and update it when necessary in accordance with the
requirements of ISO 22000 Standard.

maintaining documented information such as
Documented statements of a food safety policy and objectives,documented
procedures and records required by the standard,and documents needed by the
organization to ensure effective development,implementation and updating of the
food safety management system.Organization shall have a proper control on
Documents wich also include control of records.

Top Management shall  provide evidence of its commitment to the implementation
of the food safety management system, which shall be evidenced by conducting
timely management review meetings, by ensuring the availability of resources, and
by communicating  to the organization on the
importance of meeting the requirements of the ISO 22000 Standard. Top
management shall ensure that planning of the food safety management system is
carried out to meet requirements of FSMS Standard as well as the objectives of
the organization that support food safety and the integrity of the food safety
management system.Principles of Auditing (clause 4 iso19011):- 1.Integrity :- -Auditors should perform their work with honesty,diligency
& Responsibility.-Observe & Comply with any applicable legal requirement-demonstrate their competency while performing work-be sensitive to any influences that may be exerted on their
judgement while carrying out an audit.2.Fair presentation :–Audit findings,audit conclusions and audit reports should
reflect truthfully and accurately the audit activities. The communication should
be truthful,accurate,objective,timely,clear and complete.3.Professional care :-Auditors should exercise due care in accordance with the
importance of the task they perform and the confidence placed in them by the
audit client and other interested parties.4.Confidentiality :-Auditors should not use audit information for personal gain
by the auditors or the audit client.5.Independence :-Auditors should be independent of the activity being audited
wherever practicablefor internal audits, auditors should be independent from
the operating managers of the function being audited.6.Evidence based approach :-Audit evidence should be verifiableAuditors Competency :-The person managing the Audit program should have the
necessary competency to manage the programme and its associated risks
effectively & efficiently, with knowledge in the following areas :-Audit Principles,procedures and methods-Management system standards & reference documents-Activites,products & Processes of the auditee-applicable legal and other requirements relavent to the
activites and products of the auditee

-customers, suppliers and other interested parties of the
auditee  where applicable.

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