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Is it clear that the marginalized social groups have gained recognition consequently accepted as a critical consideration during the contemporary planning. This article utilizes the interpretive and discursive analysis about the urban planning from Canada to explain the contact zone the urban planning and the indigenous citizens’ production and reproduction through texts.The discursive process bounds and limits aboriginal interests and rights recognition, this allows  low levels of the contact zones. The conclusions signifies that the scenarios shows that the processes are originating from the different orders of the subject and two diverse collective fields. Recognition  of the indigenous and the planning of urban areas are essential. These therefore open channels that can be utilized to involve the marginalized communities in the urban planning. This article indicates that the involvement of the indigenous people in various aspects of life is still limited, and therefore there is need to devise proper techniques that will ensure that they are fully intergrated. About my community, the indigenous population is not engaged in the matters of policing that is policing just like in the urban planning where the contact zone is limited, so in on the policing issues, people perceive them negatively as people who do not have good ideas, further to this viewed as perpetrators of the different offenses rather than part of the solution yet they are affected by the crimes directly. Lack of the engaging the indigenous in significant development activities is breaching their rights and degrading all the efforts that have been made towards achieving equality for the marginalized community; this is, therefore a retrogressive step. This has the possibility  of jeopardizing the relationship between the indigenous population and other people. Across the globe, the ideas of the marginalized communities should be incorporated in the  development projects. The primary solutions remains, ensuring that these people are entirely empowered about their rights

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