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Is censorship a good thing for not allowing kids to be able to do things children are not supposed to? Is it a bad thing for not letting citizens have freedom to do The things that people have rights to do what want? In my opinion censorship is a good thing because it keeps younger kids from seeing things that they are not supposed to be looking at. It is also good because it makes sure kids do not hear words that kids are not supposed to be hearing or saying. Censorship is used all across the world and helps in many different places and helps our country                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              also.              Censorship can help in many different ways. It goes back into ancient times and has been working for a very long time.  Most people that are in jail for murder or robbing and other crimes more than likely started from when they were children. The tv shows they are watching  showing people robbing stores and getting away with it makes them think that they can get away with it also. Movies and books with murder and violence in them  that censorship can keep them from seeing can prevent many crimes from happening in the future.               In new york a group of people went on a robbing spree. The robbers attempted to rob 67 stores and taking thousands of thousands of  dollars. The men who did this got this idea from a movie that they watched. This is a reason why older people need censorship also. Adults that are going through hard times and have nothing to lose may take and idea to a next level to try and make their lives better. That is why adults should also have censorship in their day to day life also. It can be be a bad thing If the adults want their kids to watch something and censorship will not allow it. It could cause anger and could lead to more things that could hurt other people in our society.                 Great Britain has one of the earliest if not the earliest known forms of censorship called “The British Obscenity laws.” The conviction 1727 of Edmund Curll for The publication of “Venus In The Cloister” for the disturbance of the king’s peace was the first conviction for this form of censorship. Without government permission publishing was not allowed. For a court  body to prevent a person from speaking or publishing before the act has taken place is sometimes called prior restraint, which may be viewed as worse than punishment  received after someone speaks, as in libel suits.                  The Russian Empire had a branch within the government devoted to censorship known as the Third Section of His Imperial Majesty’s Own Chancellery. The third section became associated primarily with the suppression of any liberal ideas. They were also strict with censorship against printer press and theater plays.   It was keen to repress dangerous western liberal ideas, such as constitutional monarchy  or even republicanism. Throughout the reign of Nicholas I thousands of citizens were kept under strict surveillance.                   The soviet union also later engaged in censorship as Lenin believed literature and art could be used for ideological and political purposes. The Main Administration for Safeguarding State Secrets in the Press, also known as Glavlit  was in charge of censoring all publications and broadcasting  for state secrets. There was also Goskomizdat, Goskino,and other are in charge for censorship against tv shows, film, radio, and printed matter.                  During World War 2 The American Office of Censorship, a emergency wartime agency,had  heavily censored reporting. On December 19, 1941, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed Executive Order 8985, which established the Office of Censorship and conferred on its director the power to censor international communications in “his absolute discretion.” However, the censorship was not limited to reporting. Every letter that crossed international or U.S. territorial borders from December 1941 to August 1945 was subject to being opened and scoured for details.                    After World  War 2 the Soviet Union controlled East Germany and The Soviet Union  enforced censorship on everything that the Soviet  could. There existed two official government arms for censorship: “Hauptverwaltung Verlage und Buchhandel and the Bureau for Copyright”. Afterwards, the whole work was again analyzed for ideology hostile to the current government by a committee of the publishing company. There existed two official government arms for censorship: “Hauptverwaltung Verlage und Buchhandel and the Bureau for Copyright”. The HV determined the degree of censorship and the way of publishing and marketing the work.  The Bureau for Copyright surveyed the work, and then decided if the publication would be allowed to be published in Different  countries as well as the GDR, or only in the GDR.                        Moderate Iran practices censorship over the printed press and internet a lot. “With the election of Iranian president Mohammad Khatami, and the start of the 2nd of Khordad Reform Movement, a clampdown occurred that only worsened after the election of conservative president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2005.” Iran in now know to be one of the most tyrannical internet-censorship regimes in the world. Many bloggers and other people that have worked on the internet have served time in jail for harassment and abuse. “In november 2006 iran was one of 13 countries labeled to be internet enemies, by activist groups and reporters.”                        By censoring things can prevent a lot of bad in the world from happening. Sometimes censoring things can make people angry in different ways but it is a good thing to keep the things that people do not need away from them. Censorship plays a big role in keeping people calm and away from things that are happening in the world. When things go very wrong only a few people know what is going on, this keeps people from panicking and going crazy. Say if another country is trying to do something to another country and somebody does not like it, That could cause people to go and start a whole lot of things between two places and start a war. Keeping news from might sound like a bad thing but after all it keeps people in place and keeps them safe.                          Censorship can keep little kids or young dumb teenagers from getting in trouble and even getting exposed. There a lot of different things in this world that can get children in trouble and could harm them. Pornographic and violent material can mess with younger people’s mind and could make them think about or even doing things they are not supposed too. Censorship keeps the exposure from most of those things away so young teenagers can not get to them. Many teenagers now-days are getting into alcohol and drugs and many different things, censorship can keep them from seeing people who do drugs and promote it away from them so teenagers do not get the idea of doing it. Keeping information locked away for limited people to see can keep information away from terrorist that might to harm us, if bad people do not have information on how do things against us then the bad people can not do it at all.                     All the different ways that censorship is used in all the different places around the world shows all the good things that censorship can do in helping the society be better. This is why People  need to keep censorship and keep it working as long as possible. Keeping things away that people do not need to be seeing can really help our society in not being angry at each other or other countries. If we take censorship away we are really hurting ourselves in many many different ways such as letting kids see bad things at a young age and letting them grow up the same way, letting terrorist or bad people see what we are struggling with or what we are doing so that the bad people can make a plan to hurt the society more.

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