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IS LOVE STILL RELATED TO MARRIAGE?Family is the smallest unit of the society, but the most important make-up of a nation. Every individual is defined and recognized from his/her family, the Twenty-first century is advanced in technology, science and all-round growth, but different in the aspect of marriage, which is the build-up of family.Love, a rare thing in life that is always quitted about in warm affections, benevolence, charity and in debt preference. Love has been put in a place of a magical and stupendous feeling. Over centuries, it has been the vital reason to ”Join two people in ceremony of harmony”. In the old days, it was known as a tradition for a high-class family to make sure a betrodden marriage takes place.Now a day, it is known as a design to marry or choose a partner according to class, net value, inheritable wealth, beauty, acceptance or wants. This brings that silent obvious question to mind; since according to popular childhood fairy tales (i.e. Cinderella, beauty and the beast, sleeping beauty and so on) which all have the common plot of love which leads to marriage; is love still related to marriage? In other sense, should it be to marriage in this first place? Yes, and yes are my answers to these questions are explained.Love should be a first thought in the acknowledgment of marriage before any of the secondary reasons falls in order. Partially, love is being misguided definition or understanding of love has lead to a sandy foundation in marriages. Marriages based on one-night stands, social acceptations, passionate sex(lust), beauty, elegance, wealth and material source end up in shambles. The statistics of grim and the stories of break up and divorce are harsh, not only to parents but children as them of marriage is misguided and disturbed. Most conclude on their inability to accept a good union of love. Even though they get married, their prospective of marriage is not related to the first thought of love but divorce or an easy separation instead of till death do us apart.There are several reasons to have a reason to many but hear you-me that whatever reason without love will be a fake commitment worst than a divorce, a divorce is when parents who marry from several reasons, disregarding love, try to keep their marriage stable but fall even with misunderstanding, fights, traumas which affect the children, there had been news of father beating up mother or mother stabbing father to death, how will this scene be taken away from a child’s mind? It can never be. As I said earlier ” Every individual is identified and recognized from his/her family”. A boy who grows up in a family where girls are not respected, will have an abusive approach to females and lack of love or regard to his wife. A girl who is made to believe that men are violent and too important will be too vulnerable and willingly accept violence from any man.These kids grew up to a family that has no love but a marriage certificate, their definition of marriage is not related to love which bring them into adult hood but that of painfulbeliefs, vulnerability, bitterness, insatiable wants and wrong decisions in their own time. Only love can relate to their minds and make them understand that marriage not scary or stained but sacred. We all have childhood dream that is there to love, everything goes like that, but the reality is that marriage requires a lot of compromises. There is is a quote by welch telling us that in every child’s dream there is a big in love and it is an easy road but not so in reality. Instead he said it requires a lot compromises”. According to the Oxford Advanced Leaners Dictionary of current English, compromise is defined as ”an argument made between two people (group) in with each side gives up some of the things they want so that both parties are happy”. And I mentioned earlier that love is to prefer a person to yourself. Therefore, analyzing Welch’s idea of childhood dream, marriage and compromises to the dignified meaning of love, they are indeed in the same perspective. This shows that as live is related to compromise which is required in marriage love is indeed related to marriage.Now a day’s love is not a reason to get on the alter, people see love as more of passionate sex, which is all a fib. Love has always been an essential in marriage but sacred, so man takes up on his own will an easier route which is attraction or lustful passion as a reason to spend the rest of his life with one person with no compromise in heart. As love is disregarded and seen more as an obstacle than a relationship to marriage so as marriage is a means of maundy, raise in one’s income, hardly scared, divorce being most result. Considering intense passionate nomadic live and profound true love. The format is seen as ”all you need” but that is from far from love, the later flourishes lover’s communion. Ben-peeve made us understand that passionate romantic love considered as an essential in marriage uncertain. The issues ofwhether to leave a marriage in which love is not profound or true becomes alarmingly central for many couples, and romantic demand becomes a major concern.So far, reasons why love should be related to marriage has been understood. The question of today’s century is that is it still related? Sadly no love being the member one reason why a wife care will give up her job to take care of her family, the reason why a husband working far away remains faithful to his family and uses his cell phone and social media as a way to be in close intimate contact rather that indulge in pornography and immoral acts, or why teenagers who get married live to see their 5th anniversary, or why long distance relationship work and leads to a happy home, the benefits of love being the number one reason goes on and on . Love should be more like be a must, be related to marriage unfortunately, it is not so in our age.Centuries past and more to come love will always have to be related with marriage, not just for a strong foundation but as an ordained by God. The make us understand that ”charity is a strong virtue” and it follows a saying which says ”charity live begins at home”, charity is a synonym to love. Therefore, live is a strong virtue and love begins at home. If there is no love in the marriage, there is no charity (love) at home. There is only tolerance argument, shamble, and divorce in the absence of God’s ordainment, in every marriage or love.In an honest conclusion, I have always had the mentality that love might not be enough to sustain a ”till death do us apart” bond, and while that may be true, with love there is

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