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figure which stands on the foreground is clear against the blurred background
to intense foreground by using of various degrees of shading and enlightenment.
This cultivates further salience of the house. Hence, From the outset, the
house is set as a prominent aspect of the story.

Low angle shot. Elucidates the height of the

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Long Shot- Depicts the surroundings of the
scene; the immersion of the house in the water.

Symbolism of water// extended metaphor//motif. Time
doesn’t stop (Water),  and each time it catches up, you must move on to
survive (The surface).

Milieu in which the individual lives, is
symbolised by water. The past of the old man is appeared under the water. It
comprises conceals and preserves. The milieu is always open to be discovered from

to this situation, it can be observed that the old man never thinks of moving
to somewhere else. Thus, the discovery was so impactful that he is resisting to
move as he can only there can relive the moments that that he holistically did
not intake whilst in the moment.-       
Soft toned colours in flashbacks heavily
contrast the darker toned colours and vignette which portrays the paradox of
his internalised emotions. His renewed values invoke his regrets encompassing
his life. Here, the spiritual flashbacks
start to roll by, the contrast between the man’s present and past live is
depicted. A more vibrant version of the city he now dwells on top of is
enveloped within and scenes of his earliest childhood memories. –       
Complimentary soft non-diegetic music. –       
The figure which stands on the foreground is
became clear from the blurred background to intense foreground by using of
various degrees of shading and enlightenment. The most effective point in the
depictions of expression of people’s faces is to melt the intense lines and
thus to reflect the tranquil atmosphere through silence and nebulous face. –      
Facial expressions
convey spiritual apathy through the contraction of the eyes and the droop of
his facial features causing his scowl. Revealing that Discoveries and
discovering can offer new understandings and renewed perceptions of ourselves
and others. He is discontent with himself for letting the familial moments
drift past without cherishing them. Discovers his arrogance through the rediscovery of his memories and
aim of the tragedy conveys the purification of the soul from desires by rousing
the fearful and sad emotions; Catharsis.  By living vicariously with the character when we witness the memories,
the pain which has been embedded and secured somewhere deep inside by the old man,
his construct is then understood.

angle shot conveys the man looking over his bright past that he was reluctant
to intake at the time, but his renewed values catalysed by the discovery of the
transitory nature of his rediscovered familial moments. –       
The element of a tragic narration is a
process which means remembering the forgotten events, and it is a passing from
ignorance to knowledge or from awareness to be aware of something is explored
by the use of flashbacks.

Symbolism of
water// going into past. Initially, he floods his past memories so he
doesn’t have to struggle with it on a daily basis. It was through his emotional
discovery that gave energy to re-enter his regrettable past. His
discovery is intensely meaningful in a way that is emotional and personal, but
is provoked by physical and creative aspects. The water acts as a passage of time that
compels one to move forward – the “hole” being the memories that link past and
Each floor of his home conveys different stages of life, as we go up we follow
a life filled with hope, love, pain, suffering and ultimately the psychological
deprivation due to the emotional intensity of confronting discoveries.

The melancholic and nostalgic
feelings evoked by the film are complemented by the lyrical soundtrack which
adds to the audiences understanding on how discoveries are intensely

The director complements these
with self-contained shots of him swimming through the various levels of his
house and unearthing the places he had long forgotten about, but revealed by

This juxtaposition manifests the narrator’s
loss of self. Hence proving how discoveries can alter ones values and cause ramifications
within their lives. Further, the persistence in going deeper into
his memories to relive them portrays how intensely meaningful and personal the
discovery is.  –       
In Kato’s film, the old man as an expressive
medium, has a life struggle by narrowing his living space which remembers the
passing of time. Every flat refers to a new life experience. Space narrows;
symbolising the deterioration of his life. Portrayed through mise en scene to
portray the minimalism of space in where he lives.

Collage of portraits of the past incorporated reinforces
his fixation with the past.

The man’s loneliness and loss acted as a provocative
and confronting catalyst for his renewed perceptions.

The contrast of tone within the pictures
encompasses the man in darkness, accentuating the sorrow his discovery has enforced
him into.

The impact of these discoveries is be far – reaching and
transformative for the individual. His constant fixation on the past conflicting
his actions in the past convey a transformation in values and perception due to
the notion of familial bonds.

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