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Is sweating hard enough means training hard enough? -There is no proof that links the two together. Sweating is a measure of the body’s tissue temperature where some people have a naturally higher tissue temperature and are more prone to sweating during their workouts while some people don’t. It does not relate to the effectiveness of your workout. So keep in mind, that if you’re not excessively sweating at the end of your workout doesn’t necessarily mean you haven’t trained to your fullest.overtraining would get me quicker results-Too much of anything is not a good thing for you no matter if it’s exercising beyond your limit. Short and intensive workouts are the key to gain the desired results.  You might have met people who believe there is no such thing as overtraining well there is and it can affect you both physically and psychologically. A person can suffer from fatigue higher resting heart rate, muscle breakdown, soreness, inability to progress lifts and the list goes on. Small workout plans are the best way to stimulate your muscle growth and give your body time to recuperate and you would see an instant change in results. The goal is to stimulate muscle growth and avoid exertion.Does stretching really prevent injuries?Stretching before a workout might just cause an injury. Stretching causes your tissue length to increase which would disturb the movement pattern you are about to perform such as heavy weight lifting, squats and cause injuries. Mobility or small forms of movements is what is required before you begin with your workout.Cardio is the fastest way to reduce fat –  cardio is not the fastest way to reduce fat. Lifting and other weight training can also reduce fat but an effective way is a systematic combination of the right nutrition cause if you consume something of a high calory losing it only through cardio would not be the best alternative, which makes nutrition a very important factor, then comes lifting and cardio the right blend of it which is the important aspect and the best way to gain muscle tissue.power exercises make women bulky – power exercises make women bulky which is false to its core women won’t get bulky by picking up weights and the women bodybuilders you see have put years of work from eating the right diet, training, supplements over the years in order to look like that which does not imply that women lifting heavy weights would get bulky matter of fact it is the exact opposite. If you consume food with high calory intake and eat more than require you are bound to get bigger but if lift heavy weights and follow the right diet you would build your muscle tissue and will get yourself a toned body. If you want a toned body and want to look good and be a better version don’t be shy about lifting heavy weights.And you can regulate every little detail with help of Actofit.

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