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Irina AnghelMrs. Stong English 924 January 2018Bees And Honey Have you ever wondered where honey comes from?  In How Bees Make Honey it explains how the process works honey comes from honey bees. There are three different kind of bees in a hive, there is the queen bee whose only job is to lay eggs, then there are the drones, the droes are the only male bees in a hive but drones cannot make wax they also do not have a stinger and cannot feed themselves. Worker bees are only female and produce wax form special wax glands worker bees also collect nectar and pollen. The nectar is used in honey and is passed down from mouth to mouth until the nectars humidity drops from 70% to 20% the pollen is used to make bee bread, bee bread is what is fed to baby worker bees. Bees can only live up to six weeks and eat honey but queen bees can live up to five years and eat only royal jelly.The Role Of A Queen Bee suggests If a new queen is to hatch then the young queen will look for any other of her sister queens and  kills them to become positive she is the only queen in the hive. The other queen either leaves with a swarm of her own or gets killed in the hive Bees are very important to the environment but how?  In Would we starve without bees Packham Chris implies that yes and here’s why well for starters bees pollinate about ? of our food. And without them to help pollinate and make honey not only our economy would be suffering but so would we because bees also pollinate the food other farm animals eat so that means you would starve and  it would affect the meat producing industry as well. According to Jorgenson Paul and Why are bees important clarifies that bees pollinate about 80% of all flowering plants. On top of that they make honey! The making of honey is so old is has been mentioned in Babylonian and verdict writing. But with honey bees dying off from pesticides and  viruses is causing colony collapse disorder, a rapid decrease in the number of hives due to bee colonies dying. Bees are very important to the environment and we should help the bees. – How Bees Make Honey – The role of a queen bee. – Packham Chris – Jorgenson Paul              

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