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IoT has largest area so we are focus on common features and properties like, Technologies, feature, Application, privacy and security issue .Day by day improving and challenges are indicating need to it develop .IoT hardware that perceives natural/environment condition and after perceives that need to processing to get target result which will take action also this hardware (Actuators).But in hardware content and it’s mechanism has limitation –sensor, cloud storage, Actuator’s related hardware .Need to improve privacy and security issue ,algorithm for intelligence system ,autonomous IoT system   perform independently in mutual action .Plug and play thing. In table we are showed shorted list of visual representation of future develop and research need in different IoT technologies


Table 0.4: IoT Technologies future development and reach scope.

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•Low cost flexible devices •Ultra low power EPROM
•Autonomous circuits
•Ultra fist microprocessor  

•Miniaturization of chipsets
•Ultra low power circuits
•Power efficient electronic device


•Mutual actuators sensor
•Self-powering sensors
• Intelligence of sensors
•First predictable
•long lasting

•Smart sensors (bio-chemical) •More sensors  (small sensors) •Low power sensors
•Wireless sensor network for sensor connectivity

Security and  Privacy

•Low cost, low energy   secure & high performance identification/verification devices
•Reorganized approaches to privacy/security method by information localization

•User centric context-aware privacy & policies
•Privacy aware data processing •Security & privacy profiles selection based on security and privacy need

Communication Technology

Protocols for interoperability •Multi-protocol chips •Gateway convergence
•On chip networks
•Longer range (higher frequencies – tenths of GHz) •5G developments

•On chip antennas
•Wide spectrum and spectrum aware protocols
•Unified protocol over wide Spectrum
•Multi-functional reconfigurable chips

Software and algorithms

•Context aware software •Evolving software
•Self-reusable software •Autonomous things:
-Self configurable
-Self healing
-Self management

•Goal oriented software •Distributed intelligence, problem solving
•User oriented software

Data & Signal Processing

•Common sensor ontology •Distributed energy efficient data processing •Autonomous computing

•Context aware data processing and data responses
•Cognitive processing and optimization
•IoT complex data analysis
•Intelligent data visualization
•Energy, frequency spectrum aware data processing


•Grid/Cloud network •Software defined networks •Service based network •Need based network

•Self-aware and self-organizing networks
 •Self-learning, self-repairing networks
•IPv6-enabled scalability •Ubiquitous IPv6-based IoT deployment

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