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Investigate and Invest VS Zombie Approach. (banger)There are tons of articles that describe happy bitcoin investors but we’re not going to discuss them today.  Some people say it’s a fraud some vice versa.In fact, first bitcoin price was indeed a transaction of 10,000 BTC used to indirectly purchase two pizzas delivered by Papa John’s.MMM, Bitcoin, Piramyd and other popular names but all that matters is money everybody wants to have doing nothing. Investigate and Invest VS Zombie Approach:People saw an article or heard a “dream story” about a man/woman who suddenly becomes rich investing all his/her money in such a such company. After that, you just do the same, especially when you see a nice commercial somewhere.One question, to be asked: what’s the reason that justify your decision? Money or his/her example?Just ask yourself. Do you start a business when you see someone who just successfully opened a restaurant just because you see a successful example and want more revenue? Of course no, but why? You know that it’s not just about cooking and counting money. It’s qualified chef, location, strategy, financial plan, marketing, evolving in constant uncertainty conditions etc. You know that it’s a lot of work and you have no clue how it has to be done. If you open a restaurant without expert help, you’ll lose all your money.Turns out the same approach works with investments.  By investments, I don’t mean, investing in your business I mean any investments (buy anything that you are going to trade for much more in the future).Who owns the game?Warren Buffet, Winklevoss Twins, George Soros…These are people spend their life learning how to make smart investments. Winklevoss Twins- first billionaires that invested money they got from facebook (11$ million) in bitcoin in 2014. Investors work is not a pure luck! Profesional trader/investor every day and hour tracks news, economic & government decisions and analyze financial condition of the company  because these are reasons that may indicate a growth of certain stock, product, share or company value. That what’s called investments!Being smart investor is a process that requires constant education. That is why Warren Buffet reads over 500 pages every day and search a ways for improvement.Where most would see fraud investor sees profit and wins because has confidence to invest first after investigating the question under microscope of course.Conclusion:We all would love getting money doing nothing but ask yourself whether you know something in what you’re going to invest.Money loves silence! If you hear someone raising big bucks it’s already too late for you to get on the wave)

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